Fourth Quarter Marketing Tips
Sunday Morning Coffee - October 3, 2010

Dress For Success?

Monday - Thursday I travel in the skywalk system in what is called the "financial district" of Des Moines on my way to the RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts Studio the home of Webcast One LIVE.  (That's where we broadcast Insight on Business with Michael Libbie - catch us Noon Central?)  That daily walk puts me in the path of hundreds of people who work in the area and the overwhelming thing I notice poorly 90% of them are dressed.

FlipFlops woman It looks, to me, as if "Casual Friday" has invaded Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Perhaps a good thing we don't broadcast on telling what I'd see.

What I see during the "business week" are flip-flops, scuffed shoes, sloppy shirts, dirty pants.  And, those are the guys.  Women tend to be somewhat better dressed...

On the show this last week I talked about this and about a book I purchased in 1975. Dress for Success by John T. Malloy is still in my collection and it's as timely today as thirty-five years ago...especially if middle management wants to get noticed and move up.

So, why am I ranting about proper business attire?  Because this more contemporary piece floated across my desk.  It's by Steve Tobak for bNet and gives employees a bit of comtemporary advice regarding their business attire.  He's not quite as harsh as I...but gives you "7 Tips to Enhance Your Management Presence".  Pay attention to #5 "Khaki & Polo Shirt Guy" It's a good read...and on point.

Bottom line dress successful and be that way.  As a last resort...put on some shoes and tuck in your shirt.  If nothing else, buy some shoe polish...and use it.  It will enhance your personal brand...and maybe your paycheck.