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Video Marketing Can Fail...if

Four Tips for Press Releases that Work...

The other day I received a "press release" from a company announcing aMan Typewriter  "Grand Open House".  Loads of information about what I could expect if I attended...and I might have IF I knew where they were.  They overlooked the location thingy...

Class is in session:

Who, What, Where & Why are still the keystones to writing an effective press release -but there are others:

  • Do Not Over-explain - Give your information in short bursts. Nobody is going to read loads of text and it's not impressive.
  • Include the Basics - See above, YOU may know where the event is going to be held but will your reader?
  • Stay In Touch - Create relationships with media people even when you don't need them.  A simple call, e-mail or "Facebook Howdy" helps create a relationship so your not just "using".
  • Be Compelling - Give a reason why somebody should come, learn or experience your product or service...briefly.

Thanks for coming by...hope it helps and there will be a test.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie (business and personal) or @InsightADV (business baby...business) and yes, we do have one of those "Facebook Thingys".  ;-)