Sunday Morning Coffee - October 10, 2010
Four Tips for Press Releases that Work...

Odd Isn't It?

Odd what catches the imagination of the public.  I think of that everyGraceland  time a remarkable thing like the rescue of the miners from Chile.  There was drama, international excitement and help.  And, there was Elvis.  One of the miners led the others in "sing-a-longs" featuring Elvis music.  Now Edison Pena, the 12th miner to be rescued from 69-days underground gets a trip to Graceland and Memphis will turn out in style.

Not as exciting but just as odd was the public backlash over the "GAP Gap Logo New Old Logo Flap".  GAP quietly changes the logo on their website and within hours there's a storm of protest from professional advertising people to consumers.  In the end GAP brings back the iconic "blue box" and says, "At GAP brand, our customers have always come first.  We've been listening to and watching all of the comments this past week.  So, we made the decision to (bring back) the logo across all the channels."

Odd what excites the masses...

And, there you are going about the business of business day after day trying to catch a foothold...trying to make a larger dent in the consumers mind.  And wondering what might turn them on to your brand. 

Stay at it.  But, don't expect wonderment to fall like it did for Graceland and GAP.  However, there is a way you can get a leg up on the competition.  It's called listening to consumers outside your market.  What are consumers hot on, what are they asking for...what excites them.  And, then...what can you do to capture the attention?  

The first step in creating is paying attention.  But...maybe it's not a good idea to have a "Miner's Sale on all GAP Apparel".  Just thinking out loud.

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