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Sunday Morning Coffee - October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is a look at the week we've finished and a peekCoffee Cu ps  ahead to what we might expect.  It's not so much about advertising and marketing as it is a conversation about on-going stories that we're experiencing, together.  Think of it as a visit over a cup at the local coffee shop.  (Actually this is a series of scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind.)  And you're invited to take part.  Comment below, send me an e-mail or join me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie and let's continue the conversation.  We'll get back to business tomorrow but for now...

America future fundRonald Daniels of Des Moines asked me to attend a fund raiser for candidate Ben Lange who is running against Bruce Braley in Iowa's 1st Congregational District.  I didn't know much about Ben until I did some digging.  I'll pass.  Ben has been well funded by $800,000 from "secret donors" and the American Future Fund.  I figured I didn't want to be secret.  And, I wasn't a fan of the "Swift Boat Folks" either.  Link?  Have a look at this report from the Iowa Independent.

WHAT is it with me?  Politics right out of the box...  YIKES!  We've GOT to get past November 2nd!

The 2010 Harvest is clicking right along.  To date we've had 12 days without rain.  TWELVE DAYS and the outlook is dry for the next five.  I was traveling last week into North Central Iowa and talking with producers who tell me the soybeans are looking good but the corn crop yield is disappointing.  YOU?

However...  I'm hearing rattles of the "Food vs. Fuel" debate raising it's ugly head...again. They don't call it the "Silly Season" for nothing...Denison Don

One of those Rural Iowa trips was to Denison, Iowa; hometown of Donna Reed by the way.  (I do what I can for my trivia friends.)  I was there to address the annual breakfast gathering of the Crawford County/Denison Chamber and Economic Development Council about personal and business branding and how to use Social Media as another tool for business.  Great fun and a fantastic group.  Thank you executive director Don Luensmann (photo) for the invite.  SOME of you might remember "Lil' Donny" from his broadcasting days at 94.5-KKEZ and Fort Dodge or from his work with the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce.  He's still doing...great work.  Thanks Don!

Cronks Quick side note:  We met at Cronk's Resturant a place I'd been to back 1982.  When I arrived the owner came up to me and said, "I've met you before!"  Eric, what a memory...or did I do something really stupid 28 years ago?  We'll leave that alone.  Thanks to Roadfood for the image.

Today is the final day of the World Food Festival being held in the East Village of Des Moines.  Just saying...if you are in the area...drop in.

Did you know that Tom Peterswas speaking in Ankeny, Iowa last week?  Yep, I was doing Insight on Business with Michael Libbie and Tom was speaking at the 2010 Iowa Advanced Manufacturing Conference.  My friend Mike Wagner went and had some one-on-one time with Mr. Peters.  He tells me that during his speech Tom Peters asked the 400+ people if they were in the Customer Service Business...not many hands went up.  He then went on to share with them why they were.  Good stuff...sorry I missed it.  I live through you Mike.

Old Telephone Cutting the Cord? - Marc Hansen of the Des Moines Register has this article about the growing trend of cutting out land lines for telephones and going "cell only".  In 2003 less than 5% of the households had cell only homes.  Today that number is 25% and growing.  The impact?  How about 911 calls?  There is an's called Flarecaster created by my friend Robert Hidajat of Ames, Iowa.  Have a look, it might be what saves a life in your cell only home.

Last night the Iowa Junior Chamber (Iowa Jaycees) held their annual Outstanding Young Iowan Awards Event.  I was asked to attend and do a little work.  Thank you.  The awards went to Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson, football great Kurt Warner, uber community service leader Melissa Schoneberg of Habitat for Humanity - North Central Iowa in Mason City, Iowa and Hispanic Community Organizer Max Cardenas.  It was a wonderful evening.  Here is a quick video featuring United States Jaycee President Jeff Lank of Delaware and President Jennifer Gracey of the Iowa Jaycees.


Between age 18 and 41 and want to make a difference in your life and the life of others?  Check the Jaycees.  Oh...the "old guy" in the final portion of the clip?  Newton Standridge, one of the best in Iowa. Yes, we're well above 41...yet HE is mega involved in the JCI Senate.  Thanks again for the invite!

One more?  President Jeff Lank is from Delaware.  Last night I said, "I now know three people from Delaware:  President Jeff, the former Senator and current Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden and Christine O'Ddonnell a woman who wants to be a United States Senator.  I don't get them mixed up, it's easy to understand which is witch."  Well, I thought it was funny.

Like Rodeo?  Want to travel?  Enjoy the Cowboy Experience? The Rodeo Hat Company is for sale.  My friend Les Fevold out of Humboldt, Iowa will sell you his business...very attractive pricing.  He tells me he's tired of the travel...he's a great guy.  Interested?  Contact me and we'll put you together.

Hebrew brother My brother, Yoni Libbie has a birthday this week!  Happy Birthday, Achi!

That's it kids...  Have a wonderful Sunday it's 10/10/10 that has got to be a good sign?  Catch you tomorrow with Insight on Business with Michael Libbie only on Webcast One LIVE!  In the meantime let's connect through our website: or Twitter: @MichaelLibbie and yes, we also have one of those Facebook Thingys. ;-)