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Sunday Morning Coffee - October 17, 2010

Time for a sip of Sunday Morning Coffee?  This is our weekly editorialCoffee Cu ps  about stories that took place last week and a look forward to the coming week  Some call it "Scattered Thoughts from a Cluttered Mind" and I'm OK with that too.  For those of you clamoring for some business ideas here is one from last week about writing effective press releases.  We'll get back to more business tomorrow...right now we're sippin' Sunday Morning Coffee:

On Friday I learned that Michael Collins, the former Beverage Manager at the local Urbandale Hy-Vee had been diagnosed with ALS.  That story makes all the stuff below a lot less important.  I had watched his health deteriorate over the year and wondered.  Now that the disease is confirmed, store employees are raising funds to help.  This week, if you could stop off and leave a donation at Customer Service that would be cool.  Thanks...he's a good guy.

Former Iowa Governor and current US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack was in town last week for the World Food Prize and took a little time to rally the troops and get out the vote.  I caught up with him and discussed crops, agricultural manufacturing and exports.  And this piece about the "Iowa Brand" and why Iowa should re-elect Chet Culver to a second term as governor:


He's good...  Staying on politics and agriculture for just a minute:  Last week Governor Culver and challenger Terry Branstad went at it over Fertilizer barrels fertilizer.  (I know what you are's all BS.)  Governor Culver suggested that to better protect the environment Iowa should consider regulating fertilizer application on farm ground (They might also look at urban areas...but that's another story.)  It didn't take long for Branstad to wind up the Iowa Farm Bureau which is the Agricultural Wing of the Iowa Republician Party and my friend Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey.  "We don't need no regulation", is the general outcry of outrage.  This is where the story gets interesting...for us.  I make a call to the Culver Campaign to suggest they might want to follow up on this and make them aware that there are natural, organic products out there, made in Iowa, that reduces the need for more and more chemical fertilizer.  I was told, "Our ag policy director, Jamie Cashman is on leave and he'll get back to you after the election."  See, you are is all BS.

Do ya ever listen to talk radio?  I like to keep my blood pressure up so the fluids will whip through my cholesterol clogged I listen.Bradshaw WOWFM   Last week...I was forced to call into the local Bradshaw Show on 98.3 WOW-FM.  (Photo: Iowa Independent)  I had been listening to caller after caller misrepresent "facts" about the condition of Iowa, jobs in Iowa, Iowa agriculture, and how lousy Iowa is because of "activist judges", "that 'do-nothing' Chet Culver" and the "Evil Legislature".  Bradshaw was kind enough to give me five minutes to call out these idiots with the real facts:  Wall Street 24/7 lists Iowa as the Third Best Run State in the Nation, Forbes names Iowa as the 13th Best State for Business (moving up a place from 2009), Corn and Soybean Prices prices going up, farm manufacturing surging, Iowa's low unemployment rate (6.9%) and going FORWARD rather than BACK (note the comment from Secretary Vilsack).

I get weary...It's no wonder that newspapers and radio stations don't require people to use their real names when they comment...they are saving people from being outed as idiots.

I'd say I was looking forward to the day after the election...but it won't matter.  Elections can't cure "crazy".

Georgie Birthday WI There is a NEW PRESIDENT living in our home!  My bride has been named President of the Des Moines Cycle Club a 400+ member organization that promotes all sorts of left-wing ideals like...bicycling. (I can hear it now: "Them commie bastards in China use bikes!  We don't need no bikes in Des Moines!")  Congratulations to Georgie Pease-Libbie!  But, standing at attention every time she walks into the room is already getting old.

What Des Moines does need are more dirt streets.  That way when folks are shot the blood will soak into the soil and we won't have to spend tax money on clean up.  (I know I'll get big ups from my Tea Party friends for that!)  There has been a sudden spate of shootings in the Capital City...three last week.  We're becoming "Dodge City" all of a sudden. Meanwhile to curb the violence the Iowa Alcoholic Beverage Commission, in emergency session, revoked the license of University Groceriesthe site of the latest murder.  Yeah!  That'll do it!!  And our friend, Des Moines City Councilman Chris Coleman chimed in that "We should never have let this place open."   There has got to be more of a back story or I'm going to break out the idiot hat again.   I'll let you decide.  Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.

Did you know that three years before the 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai the FBI was given a warning that Mumbai was a target?  I didn't think is the story from Voice of America.

Mid-American Energy, those folks who are "obsessively, relentlessly atMid American Logo  our service", called me last week.  "We need to come and inspect your gas lines.  Please call us at 888-427-5632."  I did so right away...fearing a massive explosion...and listened to choice after choice after choice of what button to push.  And then for me to input my billing code...that I didn't have because I'm calling from the office.  If you REALLY are serious about being obsessive and relentless about your customer service hire some REAL FREAKING PEOPLE to answer the phone and/or stop with the run-around.  Talk about a "brand buster". Here is your answer...and I'm not even charging a fee:  Give us three or five choices for the reason of our call, then have somebody pick up the phone, or put us in que.  When a human comes on the phone ask for our address, confirm the caller and move on.  See how easy that is?   On second thought...I think I will send you a bill.

Did you hear that Des Moines will be building a new Transit Hub near a location that will someday, I hope, be the site for passenger rail traffic?  Here is the story from our friends at the Des Moines Register.  (What?  Goberment don't have no right in takin' my money and buildin' them wasteful things.  I want my country back!)  You KNOW it's coming...I can already hear it on the Bradshaw Show.

Now here is an economic development idea even my friends at the Tea Party will appreciate:  Last Thursday on my way to the studio for our live broadcast of Insight on Business I stopped a street musician and asked him to come in and do a song.  Randy Kong did just that and you can see it about about the twenty-one minute mark in this re-broadcast. here is a guy pulling himself up by his own boot-straps and not axin for my tax money...dang gum it!  I feel the love.

Watch live streaming video from desmoineslocallive at

I've decided to bring back the Blog - Jewish Life - Des Moines, Iowa.  If you want to check it out...have at it.   We'll be posting more there...I'd let it fall to the side since June.  An interesting place for faith, religion, politics and Israel.

I'm excited...I believe the Des Moines Register Political Editor, Kathy Obradovich is open to doing a future appearance on our business show, Insight on Business.  I'll keep you in the loop.  She has visited with and seen it all in this election cycle.  We've got loads to talk about.

Speaking of the show...tomorrow we've got Micholyn Fajen in studio.Img0278Web   It's a Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business and we'll be talking about Freelance Camp Des Moines 2010.  It's an all day event for free know those folks who have said, or had to say, "goodbye" to the "cubical world".  If you are in the area...and you fit the mold...or waht might consider watching and then attending.  Micholyn Fajen tomorrow:  Insight on Business - Noon Central - Webcast One LIVE!

OK...loads of stuff to do...and I know you're waiting to read Sunday Morning Coffee before you start your day. Thanks for coming by.  We can connect on Twitter: @MichaelLibbie (business and personal) or @InsightADV (business   Have a great Sunday!