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Sunday Morning Coffee - October 3, 2010

Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee a wide ranging set of discussionCoffee Cu ps  starters and events that have come to me over the past week...and a glimpse of what's to come this week.  Some suggest it's "scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind".  (They may be right.)  For now, let's visit and because it's a conversation I'd invite your comments below or you can connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or head over to my Facebook Page.  I'm really interested in your take...too.  Time for coffee!

Last week, just before my show, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, I saw this Tweet from @DMCityView"@DMCityView needs your Crazy Alum Hat help to reach 2,000 fans!"  Being the curious sort I head over to their Twitter account to see how many folks follow @DMCityView, how many they follow and how active they are on Twitter.  Um....not impressive.  You see Des Moines City View follows (drum roll....) NOBODY.  Nobody. (Go ahead...have a look.)  They've been on Twitter for over a year, have 410 updates, 617 people follow them and they follow...NOBODY.  Lame, lame, lame and we said so.   Typical traditional media types, they use social media as another broadcast point.   Sad...but typical.  You guys win our ""Crazy Hat of the Week".  I moved on...and suggest you might too. 

Thanks Renda Lutz @RendainDSM for the Simpson College invite and opportunity to speak to business students.  As always it's great fun to talk marketing plans, advertising, media and more.   And...getting the opportunity to share a class with Mike Wagner of The White Rabbit Group is always a blast.  Hey... Simpson:  Want Mike and I to come and help you build The Simpson Experience

Bet it would be better than D+ over at Drake.  Sorry...just one more mention.  You see, I saw Clare Celsi over the weekend and we visited.  Speaking of Clare she wrote a great article about "Brain Picking".  For those of you who have a professional business it's worth a read.

Where is the Tea Party when we need them? - Today the people ofTea Party  Brazil will go to the polls to elect their president and the odds on favorite? A former Marxist guerrilla who may become their first female president.  Here is the story, from CNN, about Dilma Rousseff who has an excellent shot of becomming the leader of the 7th largest economy in the world.  Tea Party - Dust off those signs and head south...you'll still be back in plenty of time to muck up the GOP before November.

Meanwhile Iowa has a budget surplus, low business taxes, a AAA Bond Rating, less debt than 47 other states, and a better unemployment picture than the majority of states.  Tell me again why Chet Culver should not be elected to a second term?  Come on...you know you want to.  Or maybe it's nostalgia, yesterday is always better than tomorrow...right?

Got time for one more?  Iowa Congressman Tom Latham is running a radio ad (and perhaps television) slamming "Washington Insiders" who have done all sorts of damage to everything holy...everything.  Tom has been in congress for 15 years.  Just what is a "Washington Insider" and if you've been in Washington for fifteen years and you're STILL not an "Insider" why not?   Just wondering....

The above three items were a "flight of fancy"...and yet another reason I don't do politics on my show...but I maybe should...even if it's just to inject some brilliance into "the noise"?

Shoot...I thought I was done...and then this story cropped up.  I would like to introduce you to Dan Dirkx-(R) who is running for the Iowa House.  I shall make no comment other than...ummm.  Here is the article from The Daily Times Herald of Carroll, Iowa. Take just a moment and read it and then ask yourself, "Where does the GOP get wing-nuts like this?"  And even more startling...some people are moved by this stuff.  Maybe you?  Headed to Brazil?

My head hurts...

We have been blessed with wonderful weather!  Hope you have too.  Which brings to mind the hyper-local weather site by meteorologist Jason Parkin www.DSMWeather.com check it out.  We like it because it is easy, simple, uncluttered and it's Jason's passion.  And, he's good!

Cafe di Scala Cafe di Scala just announced their fall menu.  I know, I'm way too "local" on this but if you are EVER in Des Moines on a Thursday - Saturday THIS is the place for dinner.  Just sayin'.  But make reservations, the place is VERY popular.

Iowa and Iowa State rolled yesterday.  Michigan and Michigan State rolled yesterday.  I'm feelin' good on a Sunday Morning.  What do you think?  Will this be the final season for JoePa from Penn State?  There's been loads of speculation.  What's your call?   My bride still can't fathom the fact that Coach Kirk Ferentz is the highest paid employee of the State of Iowa.  Honey...he's in the black, wins and brings tons of money to Iowa.  And, he is a class guy.  (I had no idea he was born in Royal Oak, Michigan.)  Gotta love football. Much better than politics! 

Going to Farm Crawl 2010 today?  It's time for the annual "crawl"Farm Crawl  to seven sustainable farming operations south and east of Des Moines.  This is the fourth year of the project and loads of people go to taste, smell, buy and tour some great family farms.   Here is the Farm Crawl Website...make it a family outing?   We are, see you there?

I must find my slippers...really...it's getting chilly in the mornings!

Gosh, it's nearly 8:00AM and we've got tons to do before heading to Farm Crawl...with Aaron, Mandi and Miss Taylor!  Thanks for reading and for your comments, suggestions and stuff.  Have a great day, enjoy the weather and be thankful.  "Modeh" my friends...MODEH!