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Sunday Morning Coffee - October 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is a look back on an exciting week and a peek forward to the next.  Short stories that had an impact with a littleCoffee Cu ps  editorial comment.  You might consider this to be the "scattered thoughts of a cluttered mind" and that's OK.  Because I'd like to carry on the conversation, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom, send me an e-mail or make contact on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie (personal and business) or @InsightADV (business baby...all business).  Let's pour a cup...

"Silly Season" Update:  "November 2nd?  I think we might have 24-hours of rest before the 2012 Iowa Caucus activity starts...well, actually it already has."  Kathie Obradovich the political columnist for the Des Moines Register was an Insight on Business guest as we discussed the business of politics.  If you didn't see the show, here is the link to Webcast One LIVE!Jerry Kluver

What?  It's Jerry Kluver!?!?  Jerry is an amazing guy who is in charge of the Urbandale Hy-Vee Garden Center, all around "pitch-man" (here he is selling pizza), host of a weekly TV show (Get Growing with Jerry Kluver on KCCI-TV8) and a nice man.  This picture either means it's Halloween or he's been using NatraTurf products on his head.

Halloween Candy 2010 Speaking of Halloween - I had NO luck getting rid of the fresh jalapenosWe had about 50 kids come by the house last night an nobody wanted a jalapeno!  Kids...they just don't appreciate the "good stuff".   

We've started a new Friday feature, "The Stuff We See".  All week long Insight on Business with Michael Libbie looks at marketing, advertising and consumer trends.  On Friday we take a break and offer up some video of "The Stuff We See".  Last week, Happi Sushi...go on, I know you want to see it.

I'm bummed but then again...not.  This week is the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association fall meeting in Dallas.  I was all set to go but waiting for a client to pull the trigger on a major project.  Guess what?  They did and rather than being in a swanky hotel in "The Big D" I Tom Trapget to be in the field on television shoots.  This is the first FEMA meeting I've missed in a decade however, one costs money...the other...pays.  I think it's a good call.  Have a great time gang...and send photos?  I'm counting on you Mike Lessiter to get candid shots like this:  Here is Tom Burenga from Worksaver waiting for the next print advertising salesman.

Folks in Great Britain are calling the ad for "Royal Desire", a new scent inspired by Christina Aguilera,"soft porn".  Yikes!  Describing Aguilera in the ad as, "...showcasing her ample cleavage in a very low cut dress and writhing in a chair in ecstasy as she sprays the perfume across her chest." Mail Online thinks, "the singer's ad may be a bit too risque for her younger fans."


How about the older ones?  And too bad it's not "Male Online".  If you've got three minutes and want a peek at what it takes to film a commercial (and the reason that filming and editing isn't cheap) follow this link to The Making of Royal Desire.  Check the equipment, crew....etc.  And that's just the is the edit.  Now you know what it takes to make something...sell.

Back to reality...

Customer service drives sales.  That is a pretty easy statement but we Kenn both know how difficult it often is to access that elusive service.  But...then there are jewels out there.  Meet Kenn Bekker who has been an employee of Office Depot for 16 years (several of which were in California).  He is one of the reasons that I travel out of my way to shop at the Office Depot store on Merle Hay Road here in Des Moines.  Helpful and honest ("You know, you can buy this printer for less and it's just as good or better than the "on sale" printer.")  When I posted, on Facebook, that Kenn was a customer service wizard a half-dozen of my friends responded that "Kenn Rocks!".   He does...and thanks!

I had a real ethical issue come up last week.  Should I buy HalloweenG Halloween 2010  Candy that I don't if we have left-overs I'm not tempted? the stuff we like and hope we've got left-overs?  Here we are Saturday Night...handing out "the good stuff" and praying for left-overs.  I am soooooo weak.  An interesting custom here is that when kids come to collect their treat...they are encouraged to tell a joke.  We heard, "What is a sale do ghosts really like?  A White Sale!"  Do you have any customs like that were you are?  We think it's fun. 

Theromstat This is my NASA inspired thermostat

.  If I knew HOW to work it...I believe it does everything.  There is a "Wake Up" setting, a "Leave" setting, a "Return" setting, a "Sleep" setting.  You can set it for the weekend, a long vacation and fire rockets from The Cape.   Ummm...I can't get it to do anything other than hold a very toasty 71 degrees 24/4.  Grumble....

I ran into a friend late on Friday afternoon who told me that she has banned all local television and radio in her house.  Seems that "Silly Season" political ads make her crazy.  Not to worry Robin...November 2nd is close and like Kathie said...we warm up for the Iowa Caucuses.  Sorry to ruin your Sunday.Taylor Halloween 2010 2

Happy Halloween kids!!  For a parting shot, this is our grand-daughter  Miss Taylor who made a visit last night.  She's not really sure what all the fuss is about and hasn't got her joke down...yet.   But darn cute huh?  I know that every parent says this..."It wasn't that long ago that I took my kids Trick or Treating."  There you go...said.  Last night our son,  Aaron Libbie reminded me of Halloween 1993 when we had a major ice storm that cut power to thousands of homes.  Last night was not that way...beautiful.  Hope your evening was safe and that you have a fantastic Sunday!

Catch you LIVE tomorrow with Insight on Business with Michael Libbie.  Our guest, Dan Johnson from the Social Media Club of Des Moines.