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Sunday Morning Coffee - October 17, 2010

Video Marketing Can Fail...if

The other day I was walking past our production room and and a friend ofVideo Cameraman  mine called me in to "look" at a video piece he had volunteered to do for his community.  Our guy had done the shooting at their direction and we were NOT involved in any of the planning or direction.  We should have been.

Oh my...he should have asked BEFORE the shoot and edit.

Here was the quick re-cap:

  • Too Long - The promotional piece ran 3:40.  My experience is if you don't capture somebody in fifteen-seconds...done, over, pack it in.
  • The Music - Slow...slow...slow.  I want to be MOVED to move to your town...not fall asleep.
  • The Target Market - I asked the question and the answer was, "Folks who want to move to a nice community."  I think it's a little broad?
  • The Scenes - Twenty-five seconds on the "retirement community" and fifteen-seconds with the car dealer.  And, there was more.

It "looked" pretty and it sounded "pretty" but it won't be effective and that's too bad because I know they put their heart and soul into the project.  What they should have done?  Hire a professional, spend a little money and walk away with something that will work. 

That's the idea isn't it?

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