Sunday Morning Coffee - October 3, 2010
Sunday Morning Coffee - October 10, 2010

Website Basics - Five Tips

Websites...all the children have websites.  Some work and others, not soWebsite http   much.

Last week we were asked to "have a look" at a couple of websites built by people who build their own websites.  I know...we're already in trouble right?   We did and the report was what you might expect.   Here are the five things we believe you and EVERY company needs to consider when creating a web presence:

  • Be Clear- Do not make the visitor "guess" what you do and how you do it or what you sell and how you sell it.  A Razorfish study from 2009 tells us that a poor digital experience means 96% of the visitors will not buy and "move on".
  • DIY Websites- Look like DIY Websites...sorry.  If you really want to attract business allow your site to look like you are in business.  It's not an after-thought.
  • Images Sell - So much more can be done with images than text.  We are drawn to color and "looks".   But...what if you sell multiple things?   How about an image of consumers enjoying the experience?   That is IF you know what your customers
  • Skip "About Us" - If you are going to write a BOOK about your company...don't.  Nobody really cares.  Give us the Cliff Notes'll do better.
  • You - Who are...YOU? - We see this loads of times when a small business owner brands his/her website.  If YOU are the the company.  Let's see you, let's hear your voice...please.
  • BONUS - Make it Easy to CONTACT You - Please...don't make me go through hoops to find your contact information.   And...use a name not:  Info or Sales or Contact -  There MAY be people out there who are named "Contact" but few.

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