Sunday Morning Coffee - October 17, 2010
Sunday Morning Coffee - October 24, 2010

When They Don't Listen...

I hate these posts.  I would much rather give you exciting tips about marketing and advertising and consumer trends but...sadly...many folks don't listen and the result is empty store fronts.Empty Store 1

Just down the street from our office I watched as fresh faced business people opened their stores.  The excitement is palatable.  The paint is fresh, the sign is new and then...they wait.  At first friends and family come and buy.  But, after a bit, that customer base dries up and reality hits.

Some small business people go into a panic and buy whatever they can from the media salesperson with the best "story".  It may be right for Empty Store 2 their market and it may be wrong.  Dead wrong.  Far too often good money goes down the drain...and nobody comes into the store.

It hurts...  I've seen more than one business idea fail because the business owner failed to understand marketing.  They failed to ask the questions or even knew what questions to ask.  Why?  Because they "think" they know advertising, marketing and consumers.  But in reality they sell...stuff.  I don't blame them their focus is so much different than an agency.

What can you do?  You can hire us (we'd love to have the work) or hire somebody else to help.  Somebody who knows...somebody who will help...somebody that you will listen to...somebody that can read consumer trends...  Hire somebody, before you close the doors one last time.  Or better yet:  Hire a professional before you open the doors, it will pay off.