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Hyper-Local Publications & Advertising

On the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business I spent some timeJanette Larkin MPL Nov 29 2010  with Janette Larkin publisher of the Business Record a locally owned, weekly, business newspaper.  She also publishes DSM Magazine another hyper-local piece designed to highlight the "good life" here in our city.  

That interview reminded me of the difference between specific targeting vs. mass targeting.  And...why you'll pay more for less eyeballs but no doubt do better depending on your target demographic.

Niche publications, news shows (Insight on Business) and other targeted media usually have a higher Cost per Thousand (CPM) than mass media because the publishers/producers have carved out a section of the population important for that B 2 B or B 2 C advertiser so...your message isn't wasted on people not in your prime demographic.

The result is better coverage among the people you want to reach and that's why you'll pay a premium.  Makes sense huh?

Here is a short clip from our interview with Janette.


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Sunday Morning Coffee - November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee an editorial post about the stuff we've seen andCoffee Cu ps  experienced over the past week and a look toward this week.  "Scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind?"  Sure but what the heck...  If you would like to carry on the conversation leave a comment below, reach me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or send me an e-mail.  Let's pour a cup...

Is there anybody more divisive (other than President Obama) than Sarah Palin?  She was in town this weekend.   No, I didn't go.  I would have wanted to take photos (she's sorta hot) and that was NOT allowed.  Yawn.  But of mind...I wrote about it.  Grumble...

However I DID GO to the Black Friday Event from Market Day Iowa!  This is SOOOOOO NOT Beverly Hills (West Des Moines - Jordan Creek).  Lines?  A few...but the idea was the counter culture answer to Big Box and it was very cool and very Des Moines.  Have a look:


I wish I could shout out to each of the people I met folks like:  Daphne Sayers (PaperCake Creations), Mary from Boudoir Belle Reproductions, Wendy Joy Rounds, Nickole Swensen (Hard Love Apparel), Kim Hutchison (Fitch Studios), John Pemble, Todd Razor, and Twice Studios.  How much fun!  And we're hooked!  Market Day is held several times a year, usually on Saturday and what a great idea for your city!  It's not all "big box" kids.  Shop UBER-Local...

MPL Sucking Leaves Um...raking, sucking and blowing leaves.  It's what I do.  Day after day after day....  It's on the agenda today and so is moving the toilet out of the garage so we can put the vehicle there.   Better use of space?

Floyd of Rosedale is now living in Minnesota and Iowa is sitting shiva.  That is all I can say...the pain is too deep.

I found this story from the Des Moines Register interesting - It's about Raynard Kington who happens to be the president of Grinnell College.  He is black...and gay.  And, the community likes him.  See, not ALL of Iowa is Steve Kingish....

Now I've gone and done it...ticked a full half of you off...or is it 60%?  Let me check those numbers from the judge retention vote and get back to you.

John Deere posted record sales for the most recent quarter.  Up 33% over last year.  Big boost came from strong agriculture equipment sales and a huge boost from construction equipment sales.  A quick side note:  Iowa added 8,000 jobs in October and the jobless rate is still at 6.7% (other states would LOVE to be at that number).  Big winners?  Office jobs and...manufacturing.

I checked...I only ticked off 55% of you.  However if you live in Western Iowa ("Kingville") I pissed off about 75% of you good folks.  Anybody got the divorce rate in Western Iowa?  Just wondering.  I'm sure, based on the staunch family values there it's got to be about 10%.  Anybody?

Now I've ticked off the rest of you.  Way to go....

Did you hear that "I'll Be Groped for Christmas" by Roxi Copeland has over 32,000 views.   Seen it yet?  Go ahead, have a peek...we'll wait.Janette

Hey, kids, it's Metro Monday tomorrow with Insight on Business with Michael Libbie and know who we've got in studio?  Janette Larkin is the publisher of the Business Record.  It's fitting that she should be with us as we focus a bit more on the Metro.   Great story about how B 2 B folks are using social media.  Welcome to the conversation.  And if your business is not? Get on board!   Janette Larkin with Insight on Business tomorrow, Noon Central here at Webcast One LIVE!  By the way the Business Record is a locally owned media outlet...just like Webcast One LIVE!   Lovin' it!

That's it!  I've got toilets to move!...and leaves to rake, blow and suck.  Have a great Sunday and let's connect?




















Market Day in Des Moines, Iowa

WHERE have I been on this?   For those of you who think Black Friday is all "Big Box" we've got some news.Market-day-BF-poster

It's called Market Day and today (Friday November 26th) the folks who have created Market Day will hold an event at the Poppajohn Centerin the Western Gateway downtown Des Moines.  No need to stand in line for hours, at Market Day you'll get to choose gifts that are handmade and/or vintage items that get re-cycled.  Loads of vendors and loads of fun.

Read MORE here.

Very, very cool...and so very Des Moines!



Why Today Matters

Today, images of Norman Rockwell are etched in the minds of many.  You know the painting.  For some that is Thanksgiving, for others it'sThanksgiving Family  something they have never experienced...or will.

Does that mean Thanksgiving shouldn't be celebrated...because it can't be "picture perfect"?  No.  We should all celebrate Thanksgiving.  The Thanksgiving that matters.

The Thanksgiving that honors the struggles of so many.  The day that lifts up the hard work you are doing to make a difference for yourself and perhaps your family.  A day to celebrate creativity, meaning and purpose.

A Thanksgiving for us all.

Thank you for all you do and all you will do.  Thanks for reading this over the past several years and for the many connections we've made.

Be grateful for today....and then carry that over to tomorrow because, every day is a day that...matters.





Getting Groped for Christmas...

Sometimes things come along that just BEG to be discussed.  As everybody knows the fearless TSA has instituted new guidelines for air travel.   From full body scans to full groping.  And folks are "mad as hell".  But there is some measure of fun...

Here is a new holiday song from our friend Roxi Copland.  We love it and thought you should have a look.


Finally, how would you like to be the marketing/media person for the TSA?  Talk about a job nobody would want. other small fact.   When I flew out of Israel there were no metal detectors, no full body scans, no groping... Only highly trained professionals who know what to look for and what questions to ask.

We could learn a thing or two from our friends.  Have a great Thanksgiving!




Sunday Morning Coffee - November 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee is our editorial on various events andCoffee Cu ps  happenings that took place last week.  We also take a peek into next.  Some call this the "scattered thoughts of a cluttered mind" and that's OK too.  We'll get back to business tomorrow...but for now, have a sip?

Funny how things change.  Sixty-Five years ago the labor unions and farm equipment manufacturers joined forces to combat the evils of the Axis Powers.  Today, in many of these family owned businesses, one must be careful not to utter the "five letter word" union.  Here is a look at a vintage poster I found on a recent video shoot in Northwest Iowa.


I want that poster!

Today is the 21st day of the month of November.  Republicans, just a scant 19 days ago, won a 20 seat majority in the Iowa House of Representatives and since that time we have learned that Iowa is on the brink of...disaster.  (Pay no attention to the fact that Iowa, from Girl Vintage Image outside our borders, continues to be the wonder child of the 50 states.)  Talk of "bread lines", cutting of benefits, canceling university sabbaticals, cutting the vehicle state's fleet of vehicles, and other predicted horrors are on the tongue of the newly elected House Speaker, Kraig Paulsen.  The sky is falling and there is no telling what might become of our children!  Hold on kids...this is going to be interesting.

Meanwhile the GOP paragon of virtue, Newt Gingrich, has come to Iowa to lecture us on morality and the change that is coming to America.

However, some positive news came out of our state this week.  The United States presented Iowan and Staff Sgt. Sal Giunta the Medal of Honor at a White House Ceremony. It's quite a storyGiunta MoH  from about a humble man and placing others before himself.  Here is the text of the speech.

Our son is coming over to the house later today and we shall sit shiva for the Iowa Hawkeye Football Team.  Yesterday they lost to Ohio State 20 - 17.  It marks the fourth time this year the Hawks defense has allowed a final drive to sink hopes of the hopeful.  Four a total of 15 points.  Maybe the sky IS falling.

Wanna see the business end of voice over work?  Here you go:


We get asked all the time, "So what do you DO?"  Thought we'd show you just one aspect.

I was in Mason City this weekend...nice folks at Adas Israel who are trying to make a difference.  Thanks for allowing me to be part of it these past 20+ years.

Speaking of religion, here is an interesting story about Christian teachers who work for an Islamic school...hey, it's Iowa.

I find myself walking from one room to the other looking for stuff...and sometimes that "stuff" is already in my hand.  Is it age or is it just that  I've got so much rolling around up there?  Grumble.Courtney and Tank 2

We did a neat photo shoot this is our model Tank with his Mom, Courtney.  Oh, wait...  Here is our model Courtney with her dog, Tank.  Is that better?  Nice job kids!

Tomorrow is Metro Monday with Insight on Business and we're out to prove that Des Moines is not...boring.  It's not a big task but it will be fun.  Our guest tomorrow is Pete Jones who writes as DesMoinesIsNotBoring.  Hey, we're to do the work on others.   Insight on Business tomorrow at Noon Central only at Webcast One LIVE!

I was just about to send this off...and looked again at the date.  Something about it struck me and then I remembered:  Tomorrow marks the 47th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.  Forty-Seven years...I remember it like it was yesterday.

That's it...going to push this out the door.  I know I've forgotten loads of stuff...that's why, if you want, we can keep the conversation going:  On Twitter it's @MichaelLibbie (personal and business) or @InsightADV (business and, one of them "Facebook Thingys" too.   Have a great Sunday...


















Time and Talent - Gentle Giants & Burt Ward

I've been writing, voicing and producing commercials for over thirty-years and it never ceases to amaze me what goes into the production process.  You'll see a TV ad and it's over in thirty-seconds....but creating it may have taken weeks.  In this quick look at behind the scenes it took us thirty minutes of set up, then thirty minutes of multiple takes, relighting and directing for about four seconds of video...that may or may not make the final cut.


We were filming for Gentle Giant a dog food manufactured in a "Safe Feed Facility" (that means it's really good) in Sioux City, Iowa and sold by Burt Ward, yes that Burt Ward, who is a lover of animals...both large and small.  His foundation, Gentle Giants Rescue is a popular California program...Burt would understand how much time it takes.  We hope.

Thanks for the opportunity and thank you for reading.



How Brands...Change

What a difference a day makes...or in this case 16,425 days.  While we were out shooting some footage for a special I noticed a poster hanging on the office wall in the building we were taping.  Out came the Flip Cam and those in the office got a brief history lesson...while I thought about how brands change. is the video:


I've been a member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association for many years and I can tell you that the idea mixing a Union and WWII Poster We Can Do ItFarm Eqipment Manufacturing with many of these folks isn't a favorite topic of discussion.  In borders on heresy.

But, "back in the day" when we had a common enemy labor and business banded together to get the job done.  In this case it was the Axis Powers of WWII.  Today...we're at odds with each other.  Who's to blame?  That's not the topic but it is interesting what happens to brands over time.  Nothing is...forever.

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Consumer Trends - 2010 Holiday Season

It's the 4th Quarter 2010 and if you have been paying attention some of this isn't new...we've reported on these trends for months. never hurts to point them out, again and again...John Gerzema

Part of our job at Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications is to help our clients better position themselves to take advantage of solid consumer trends.  This week on our show, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, I made a quick review of what John Gerzema has to say about the winners and losers for Holiday Season Shopping 2010.  What's hot, what isn't and how you can position your brand to take advantage of what consumers demand.  Have a look:


In case you didn't write it are the key points of the video:

  • 65% of Americans are more interested in learning new skills - great for those of you in crafts and DIY;
  • 72% of American shoppers are willing to pay MORE for products/services IF your company has a solid reputation for great customer service;
  • Premium Brands will surge - Commodities will dip;
  • Big is NOT better - Unique, Customer Centered, High

There you go...some solid ideas for your business from some of the best in the world of consumer trends....and customer service.

Thanks for watching and reading...hope it helps!  Want to keep the conversation going?  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV on Twitter....see you there.








Sunday Morning Coffee - November 14, 2010

 Sunday Morning Coffee is a break from business and a look at the pastCoffee Cu ps  week and a peek into next.  It's editorial comment about the things we've seen and that impacts us and what might be impacting you.  Some consider it "scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind" and I'm OK with that too.   Pull up a chair and pour a cup...and because it's a conversation leave me a comment, let's get together on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or drop us an e-mail.  Oh, and if you click on a photo it should enlarge.  Here we go...

We think it's a "game changer" for small and medium size farms...if you're paying attention.  Last week we told you about how Wal-Mart is making big plans to buy local products that are grown using organic standards.  IF this is a real deal it could help small farmers turn the corner and re-energize Rural AmericaHere is the story from last week. What do you think?

More of the Same...   This past week I asked my friend Tim Albrecht, Tim Albrecht the Communications Director for Governor-Elect Branstad, if the new governor would be Tweeting or if staff will be doing that work.  Sadly, I was  informed that Tim will be handling the communication work on Twitter.  I guess I don't get it.  Why wouldn't a "head of state" seek to communicate directly with his/her constituents?  What a cool way to reach out and gather input and offer insight on the issues.  Some day the public (you and I) will get to peek behind the curtain...but not yet.  At least not in Iowa.

Last week during Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, I shared with viewers the remarkable difference between the public observation of Veterans Day in the United States to what goes on in Canada during "Remembrance Day".  One of the major public difference is that nearly EVERYWHERE you look Canadians wear a large Poppy.  How come?  Here is a quick conversation with Canadians Stan and Gloria Cowley who I ran into during a trip to Topeka.


Stan and Gloria run the Rafter Six Ranch Resort in Alberta.  This place is stunning!  Check it out...

We were in Topeka with my friend Craig Cameron shooting footage for a Running Horse project.  (That was a Thursday and Friday shoot.  We'reCraig Shoot  headed to Sioux City this week for some wrap-up.)  Craig was in town for the World Finals of the Extreme Cowboy Association Race now in it's second year. Riders came from all over North America, Hawaii and Australia.  Neat event and did we see some fantastic horses and riders.

Joy and Butch Murray from Stephenville, Texas were there...they are Mom and Dad to nine-time World Champion Cowboy Ty Murray.  (Yes...9 time World Champion...) With seven grandsons...they are hoping Ty and Jewel bring them a grand-daughter.   I'm with you guys.

If a drug is good for you and works...wouldn't that be enough?  Seems not.  In this article from the Des Moines Sunday Register we learn that 121 physicians in Iowa received more than a million dollars from various pharmaceutical companies...for promoting their drugs.  Does yours?  You can check.

Last night was an experience.  Here is a photo of the "Morning After". After Tapas November 14 2010 My brother had a birthday in October but because of tight scheduling we didn't get together until last night to celebrate.   Yoni is an amazing chef.  He and my bride "cooked up" an interesting evening where eight people each cooked their own Tapas Recipe in a two hour time period. Each brought their dish to table at the same time.  There was loads of planning and loads of fun.  It wasn't Hell's Kitchen.. is a peek:


And, yep...Kosher at that...and yes, the "butter" was parve.  However it was WELL past my bedtime. 1AM!!! Yikes!

I sorta like this...French IdeaNot working?   OK...let's "start over".

I'll not be in to do Insight on Business with Michael Libbie...becauseBrooke  we're still on location.  However, Brooke Benschoter will be filling in and her guests for Metro Monday will be Bob and Jan Burch who will be in talking about the Kiwanis Miracle League.  That...and more tomorrow at Noon Central.  Brooke...thank you!  Again...

Going to push this out....short night last night.  Much to...clean!

Have a great Sunday!