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Sunday Morning Coffee - November 14, 2010

Advertising in Tough Economic Times - John Padgett

This past week John Padgett of Gabriel Media was in Des MoinesRadio  speaking to small business owners about advertising and marketing.  He is a "Radio Guy" and had a compelling message about frequency and "top of mind awareness".  It's great to listen to a pro discuss his craft. 

Pay attention to what he is saying in this brief clip.  Listen to what he is saying about advertising in general:


Do we recommend radio to all our clients?  No, but, radio is a great choice in a solid marketing mix.  It's the ability to understand that mix, what you are selling, what the consumer wants and where your target consumer is...that really counts.   And, sadly, most small to medium business owners don't have a they continue doing the wrong things and then say, "Advertising doesn't work." 

It does...and it makes a difference.   Nice job John...I really enjoyed listening to you. 

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