Sunday Morning Coffee - November 14, 2010
How Brands...Change

Consumer Trends - 2010 Holiday Season

It's the 4th Quarter 2010 and if you have been paying attention some of this isn't new...we've reported on these trends for months. never hurts to point them out, again and again...John Gerzema

Part of our job at Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications is to help our clients better position themselves to take advantage of solid consumer trends.  This week on our show, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, I made a quick review of what John Gerzema has to say about the winners and losers for Holiday Season Shopping 2010.  What's hot, what isn't and how you can position your brand to take advantage of what consumers demand.  Have a look:


In case you didn't write it are the key points of the video:

  • 65% of Americans are more interested in learning new skills - great for those of you in crafts and DIY;
  • 72% of American shoppers are willing to pay MORE for products/services IF your company has a solid reputation for great customer service;
  • Premium Brands will surge - Commodities will dip;
  • Big is NOT better - Unique, Customer Centered, High

There you go...some solid ideas for your business from some of the best in the world of consumer trends....and customer service.

Thanks for watching and reading...hope it helps!  Want to keep the conversation going?  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV on Twitter....see you there.