Sunday Morning Coffee - November 21, 2010
Why Today Matters

Getting Groped for Christmas...

Sometimes things come along that just BEG to be discussed.  As everybody knows the fearless TSA has instituted new guidelines for air travel.   From full body scans to full groping.  And folks are "mad as hell".  But there is some measure of fun...

Here is a new holiday song from our friend Roxi Copland.  We love it and thought you should have a look.


Finally, how would you like to be the marketing/media person for the TSA?  Talk about a job nobody would want. other small fact.   When I flew out of Israel there were no metal detectors, no full body scans, no groping... Only highly trained professionals who know what to look for and what questions to ask.

We could learn a thing or two from our friends.  Have a great Thanksgiving!