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Time and Talent - Gentle Giants & Burt Ward

How Brands...Change

What a difference a day makes...or in this case 16,425 days.  While we were out shooting some footage for a special I noticed a poster hanging on the office wall in the building we were taping.  Out came the Flip Cam and those in the office got a brief history lesson...while I thought about how brands change. is the video:


I've been a member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association for many years and I can tell you that the idea mixing a Union and WWII Poster We Can Do ItFarm Eqipment Manufacturing with many of these folks isn't a favorite topic of discussion.  In borders on heresy.

But, "back in the day" when we had a common enemy labor and business banded together to get the job done.  In this case it was the Axis Powers of WWII.  Today...we're at odds with each other.  Who's to blame?  That's not the topic but it is interesting what happens to brands over time.  Nothing is...forever.

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