Sunday Morning Coffee - November 28, 2010
Leadership - Can You Learn It?

Hyper-Local Publications & Advertising

On the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business I spent some timeJanette Larkin MPL Nov 29 2010  with Janette Larkin publisher of the Business Record a locally owned, weekly, business newspaper.  She also publishes DSM Magazine another hyper-local piece designed to highlight the "good life" here in our city.  

That interview reminded me of the difference between specific targeting vs. mass targeting.  And...why you'll pay more for less eyeballs but no doubt do better depending on your target demographic.

Niche publications, news shows (Insight on Business) and other targeted media usually have a higher Cost per Thousand (CPM) than mass media because the publishers/producers have carved out a section of the population important for that B 2 B or B 2 C advertiser so...your message isn't wasted on people not in your prime demographic.

The result is better coverage among the people you want to reach and that's why you'll pay a premium.  Makes sense huh?

Here is a short clip from our interview with Janette.


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