Sunday Morning Coffee - November 7, 2010
Advertising in Tough Economic Times - John Padgett

Retail Shopping & Distribution - A Must Watch...

Those of you who read me know that I also do a daily (Monday - Thursday) show called Insight on Business with Michael Libbbie here atWebCastOneLive image  Webcast One LIVE.  Why?  Because I have a passion for small business, advertising, marketing and we understand "consumer trends".  For an hour between Noon Central and 1:00PM I share with you ideas, tips and news that centers on business and business development...consumers and consumer development.  It's what we do.

Open Sign Neon If you know anybody that is connected with retail I urge you to have them watch today.  I'll share with you (and them) some major insights on retail shopping trends, distribution tips and how you can sell more...if you are paying attention to the trends.  And...if you miss the show, you can always catch the re-broadcast later in the day. 

Here is the "Show Page" for today that gives you the outline.  Hope to have you at Noon Central.

Thanks for coming by!