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Sunday Morning Coffee - November 14, 2010

 Sunday Morning Coffee is a break from business and a look at the pastCoffee Cu ps  week and a peek into next.  It's editorial comment about the things we've seen and that impacts us and what might be impacting you.  Some consider it "scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind" and I'm OK with that too.   Pull up a chair and pour a cup...and because it's a conversation leave me a comment, let's get together on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or drop us an e-mail.  Oh, and if you click on a photo it should enlarge.  Here we go...

We think it's a "game changer" for small and medium size farms...if you're paying attention.  Last week we told you about how Wal-Mart is making big plans to buy local products that are grown using organic standards.  IF this is a real deal it could help small farmers turn the corner and re-energize Rural AmericaHere is the story from last week. What do you think?

More of the Same...   This past week I asked my friend Tim Albrecht, Tim Albrecht the Communications Director for Governor-Elect Branstad, if the new governor would be Tweeting or if staff will be doing that work.  Sadly, I was  informed that Tim will be handling the communication work on Twitter.  I guess I don't get it.  Why wouldn't a "head of state" seek to communicate directly with his/her constituents?  What a cool way to reach out and gather input and offer insight on the issues.  Some day the public (you and I) will get to peek behind the curtain...but not yet.  At least not in Iowa.

Last week during Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, I shared with viewers the remarkable difference between the public observation of Veterans Day in the United States to what goes on in Canada during "Remembrance Day".  One of the major public difference is that nearly EVERYWHERE you look Canadians wear a large Poppy.  How come?  Here is a quick conversation with Canadians Stan and Gloria Cowley who I ran into during a trip to Topeka.


Stan and Gloria run the Rafter Six Ranch Resort in Alberta.  This place is stunning!  Check it out...

We were in Topeka with my friend Craig Cameron shooting footage for a Running Horse project.  (That was a Thursday and Friday shoot.  We'reCraig Shoot  headed to Sioux City this week for some wrap-up.)  Craig was in town for the World Finals of the Extreme Cowboy Association Race now in it's second year. Riders came from all over North America, Hawaii and Australia.  Neat event and did we see some fantastic horses and riders.

Joy and Butch Murray from Stephenville, Texas were there...they are Mom and Dad to nine-time World Champion Cowboy Ty Murray.  (Yes...9 time World Champion...) With seven grandsons...they are hoping Ty and Jewel bring them a grand-daughter.   I'm with you guys.

If a drug is good for you and works...wouldn't that be enough?  Seems not.  In this article from the Des Moines Sunday Register we learn that 121 physicians in Iowa received more than a million dollars from various pharmaceutical companies...for promoting their drugs.  Does yours?  You can check.

Last night was an experience.  Here is a photo of the "Morning After". After Tapas November 14 2010 My brother had a birthday in October but because of tight scheduling we didn't get together until last night to celebrate.   Yoni is an amazing chef.  He and my bride "cooked up" an interesting evening where eight people each cooked their own Tapas Recipe in a two hour time period. Each brought their dish to table at the same time.  There was loads of planning and loads of fun.  It wasn't Hell's Kitchen.. is a peek:


And, yep...Kosher at that...and yes, the "butter" was parve.  However it was WELL past my bedtime. 1AM!!! Yikes!

I sorta like this...French IdeaNot working?   OK...let's "start over".

I'll not be in to do Insight on Business with Michael Libbie...becauseBrooke  we're still on location.  However, Brooke Benschoter will be filling in and her guests for Metro Monday will be Bob and Jan Burch who will be in talking about the Kiwanis Miracle League.  That...and more tomorrow at Noon Central.  Brooke...thank you!  Again...

Going to push this out....short night last night.  Much to...clean!

Have a great Sunday!