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Sunday Morning Coffee - November 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee an editorial post about the stuff we've seen andCoffee Cu ps  experienced over the past week and a look toward this week.  "Scattered thoughts from a cluttered mind?"  Sure but what the heck...  If you would like to carry on the conversation leave a comment below, reach me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or send me an e-mail.  Let's pour a cup...

Is there anybody more divisive (other than President Obama) than Sarah Palin?  She was in town this weekend.   No, I didn't go.  I would have wanted to take photos (she's sorta hot) and that was NOT allowed.  Yawn.  But of mind...I wrote about it.  Grumble...

However I DID GO to the Black Friday Event from Market Day Iowa!  This is SOOOOOO NOT Beverly Hills (West Des Moines - Jordan Creek).  Lines?  A few...but the idea was the counter culture answer to Big Box and it was very cool and very Des Moines.  Have a look:


I wish I could shout out to each of the people I met folks like:  Daphne Sayers (PaperCake Creations), Mary from Boudoir Belle Reproductions, Wendy Joy Rounds, Nickole Swensen (Hard Love Apparel), Kim Hutchison (Fitch Studios), John Pemble, Todd Razor, and Twice Studios.  How much fun!  And we're hooked!  Market Day is held several times a year, usually on Saturday and what a great idea for your city!  It's not all "big box" kids.  Shop UBER-Local...

MPL Sucking Leaves Um...raking, sucking and blowing leaves.  It's what I do.  Day after day after day....  It's on the agenda today and so is moving the toilet out of the garage so we can put the vehicle there.   Better use of space?

Floyd of Rosedale is now living in Minnesota and Iowa is sitting shiva.  That is all I can say...the pain is too deep.

I found this story from the Des Moines Register interesting - It's about Raynard Kington who happens to be the president of Grinnell College.  He is black...and gay.  And, the community likes him.  See, not ALL of Iowa is Steve Kingish....

Now I've gone and done it...ticked a full half of you off...or is it 60%?  Let me check those numbers from the judge retention vote and get back to you.

John Deere posted record sales for the most recent quarter.  Up 33% over last year.  Big boost came from strong agriculture equipment sales and a huge boost from construction equipment sales.  A quick side note:  Iowa added 8,000 jobs in October and the jobless rate is still at 6.7% (other states would LOVE to be at that number).  Big winners?  Office jobs and...manufacturing.

I checked...I only ticked off 55% of you.  However if you live in Western Iowa ("Kingville") I pissed off about 75% of you good folks.  Anybody got the divorce rate in Western Iowa?  Just wondering.  I'm sure, based on the staunch family values there it's got to be about 10%.  Anybody?

Now I've ticked off the rest of you.  Way to go....

Did you hear that "I'll Be Groped for Christmas" by Roxi Copeland has over 32,000 views.   Seen it yet?  Go ahead, have a peek...we'll wait.Janette

Hey, kids, it's Metro Monday tomorrow with Insight on Business with Michael Libbie and know who we've got in studio?  Janette Larkin is the publisher of the Business Record.  It's fitting that she should be with us as we focus a bit more on the Metro.   Great story about how B 2 B folks are using social media.  Welcome to the conversation.  And if your business is not? Get on board!   Janette Larkin with Insight on Business tomorrow, Noon Central here at Webcast One LIVE!  By the way the Business Record is a locally owned media outlet...just like Webcast One LIVE!   Lovin' it!

That's it!  I've got toilets to move!...and leaves to rake, blow and suck.  Have a great Sunday and let's connect?