How Brands...Change
Sunday Morning Coffee - November 21, 2010

Time and Talent - Gentle Giants & Burt Ward

I've been writing, voicing and producing commercials for over thirty-years and it never ceases to amaze me what goes into the production process.  You'll see a TV ad and it's over in thirty-seconds....but creating it may have taken weeks.  In this quick look at behind the scenes it took us thirty minutes of set up, then thirty minutes of multiple takes, relighting and directing for about four seconds of video...that may or may not make the final cut.


We were filming for Gentle Giant a dog food manufactured in a "Safe Feed Facility" (that means it's really good) in Sioux City, Iowa and sold by Burt Ward, yes that Burt Ward, who is a lover of animals...both large and small.  His foundation, Gentle Giants Rescue is a popular California program...Burt would understand how much time it takes.  We hope.

Thanks for the opportunity and thank you for reading.