Getting Groped for Christmas...
Market Day in Des Moines, Iowa

Why Today Matters

Today, images of Norman Rockwell are etched in the minds of many.  You know the painting.  For some that is Thanksgiving, for others it'sThanksgiving Family  something they have never experienced...or will.

Does that mean Thanksgiving shouldn't be celebrated...because it can't be "picture perfect"?  No.  We should all celebrate Thanksgiving.  The Thanksgiving that matters.

The Thanksgiving that honors the struggles of so many.  The day that lifts up the hard work you are doing to make a difference for yourself and perhaps your family.  A day to celebrate creativity, meaning and purpose.

A Thanksgiving for us all.

Thank you for all you do and all you will do.  Thanks for reading this over the past several years and for the many connections we've made.

Be grateful for today....and then carry that over to tomorrow because, every day is a day that...matters.