Where They Are & Where They Are Not...(Broadcasting)
Sunday Morning Coffee - December 19, 2010

A Business Lesson from a Street Performer

We all get distracted, pulled in different directions...and take out eye off the goal.  Sometimes we cause those distractions...sometimes other folks come by and move us "off point".

I know...because it happens to me...and you.Gituar Case

This week I learned a valuable business lesson from Randy Kong a "Street Performer" who "offices" in several places on the Des Moines Skywalk.

Two months ago, on my way to do our news/information show, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, I saw Randy doing his thing and invited him up to the studio for an impromptu performance.  We talked for a bit and he did an original song.   We exchanged e-mails and I promised I'd have him back.

This week, there's Randy, singing away, guitar case open, loaded with dollar bills.  I put in a buck and said, "Randy, how about coming by tomorrow to do a piece on the show?"  He said, "Gee, Mr. Libbie I can't I'm sorta busy here.  Maybe after the holiday." 

"No problem Randy.  Have a Merry Christmas..." 

The next day I got this e-mail:

"This is Randy Kong.  I'm the skywalk performer you spoke with today. ( Wed Dec 15 )  

     I feel compelled to send a short email because after we spoke I felt like a total %$#&@ declining the invitation to visit your show at the studio the following day.  Just wanted to let you know I felt bad and to clarify my reason a bit better.
    I have been flabbergasted to find that since the Monday after Thanksgiving my daily take on the skywalk has quadrupled.  I think part of this is because people are in a festive and charitable spirit during the Christmas season.  It may also be due to the fact that I'm doing an all Christmas song show ( with a few hanakkah songs as well ) and people may be responding to that.  It's probably a combination of both.
    I'm pretty sure this is a seasonal bump and business will go back to normal once January hits.  So I am definitely taking advantage of it while it lasts.  Sadly, the show is broadcast right in the choice period where the most money comes in.  On a regular day this is no big deal but surprisingly I am almost like a retail shop at Christmas doing extra business.
    Anyway, I just wanted to give you a better explanation and let you know that I felt bad.
     Do want to reinforce how eager I am to come to the studio again and very much hope the invitation will be open again after January.  Also, want to thank you again for the opportunity.
    Very heartfelt wishes for a great Christmas season and a super 2011."

Randy Kong is a class act and he "gets it".  I learned something...how about you?  (Here is Randy in action...)