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Sunday Morning Coffee - January 2, 2010

Five Business Predictions (Tips) for 2011

Over the next 48 hours you'll be treated to the "best of" everything from music to news as media outlets "Look Back on 2010". 

Not us...

2011 Image We would rather look forward and offer up what we think are five solid business predictions (read tips) to help you make the MOST of 2011 and move your bottom line into an even better position.  Ready?

Getting Smart - Chances are you use a "smart phone", 49% of business owners do.  So...why wouldn't you use it to connect with your consumer base?  We think small and large business will adjust websites and messages for easier use and marketing into the smart phone world.

Better Websites- 54% of small business owners have a website.  But most of them are no better than an old "tri-fold" brochure.  That will change in 2011 as business realizes the vast majority of consumers look first to the Internet to gauge the quality of products and services.  If your "digital experience" will your bottom line. We believe that business will spend more money on better, more interactive, robust websites.  

On-Line Shopping- We find it amazing that only 30% of small business owners sell their product/service on-line.  Why would business intentionally restrict their selling area to geographies?  That will change in 2011 as more and more manufacturers and retail centers see the promise of on-line selling.  Word of's gotta be good with solid customer service.

Getting Social- Last year business started to realize there was "something" to this Social Media "Stuff".  So they went to seminars, dabbled in Twitter and maybe started a Facebook Page.  But...then, "because it didn't work" they gave up.  That will change in 2011 as smart retail folks begin to understand that, as with everything, there needs to be a plan to the social media experience.  It's not cheap...but it does work!

Bringing REAL Value- It's highly likely that what you are selling consumers can find...anywhere.   So what can you do to set your business above the others?   Add value to the transaction.  Let's say you sell vacuum cleaners and somebody mentions they have a fireplace.  Can you offer additional value by recommending a chimney sweep who is in your network?   Or how about offering "Lunch & Learns" for customers about topics they are hungry for?   And, how do you know?  Because you've been asking questions and following trends.  By adding value to the transaction you'll win.

There you go...  Hope you have a bright, successful and rewarding 2011.  Let's continue the conversation!  You can leave a comment here or join us on Twitter, @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV or Facebook.   Thanks for coming by!