Sunday Morning Coffee - December 12, 2010
Where They Are & Where They Are Not...(Broadcasting)

Restaurant Owners - "No Time!"

Over the years we've helped hundreds of people learn about social media and how to use it.  Some do well yet the vast majority don't have aMPL Twelve Thirty  clue...because they don't have a plan.

Now comes a new study saying a large number of restaurant owners "don't have the time for social media".  BizReport released a study of 1,300 restaurant owners and while 42% "invest time and money" in social media I wonder how well they are doing.  My bet is...half are investing but not seeing a return.

Meanwhile 23% say they have "no time" for social media. 

Three weeks ago a friend of mine, who also owns The Oasis, a restaurant in downtown Des Moines, sent me an e-mail:  "Michael, I need to drive more people to my place and I'm ready to start using social media.  Where do I start?"

I sent my friend three simple steps to follow, just to begin, and offered (at no charge) to visit with him one-on-one to get him going.   He didn't respond.  I finally caught up with him last week and asked if he got my message.  He said, "I don't have the time for all that stuff!"  And...that...was...that.

Here is what I believe is really going on, I do not buy the "no time" angle.  It's an excuse for:

  • "No time" really means, "no plan".  They don't have a recipe for social media;
  • "No time" also means I don't think it's worth the effort or "it's a fad".

These are critical errors in judgement.  Last week Proctor & Gamble quit, after 77 years, sponsoring "soap operas" to put their efforts/money into social media.  Selling food is highly more personal and personable than selling soap.  Yet...P&G "gets it" and my friend doesn't.

Sad because the numbers don't lie.  Business:  You've got the just don't have the desire or the understanding and you're simply not willing to admit it.  This is not rocket science but it is about connecting with people and listening to what they have to say.  And it works.


I'll still write about his restaurant...because it is...goodAnd he is a great guy.   Stop in and see Jeff and Marsha at The Oasis on 4th just a 75 feet north of Court Avenue.  Let them know you heard about them media.  Thanks for reading...if you want, leave a comment below or follow us on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.