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Sunday Morning Coffee - December 12, 2010

Not a bunch of business today, we'll get back to that on Monday.  TodayCoffee Cu ps  is a day for (hot) coffee and a quick chat about the stuff that's gone on and some things to come.  It's a visit with's Sunday Morning Coffee.  Have a sip?

Ever heard of Spruce Hill Tree Service?  Me either until late Friday afternoon when Joe came by.  He was "knocking doors" looking for jobs.  When I told him I'd be interested in a quote for the big tree in front of the house he said his Spruce Hill Tree boss was in the area and would try to get to me.  Ten minutes later Kevin Stiller came up, gave me a quote and five minutes after that 7 guys descended on the front lawn. In 20 minutes the work was done with an EXPERT clean up.  Impressed?   Ah...yes, big time.  They are out of West Des Moines (sorry those of you elsewhere) 515-991-4403 or 888-325-2869 call 'em.  You will not be disappointed.

Chanukah was wonderful and unlike Christmas it takes us less than thirty seconds to take down the decorations.  Wanna see?


Thanks to all the well wishes and conversation about the holiday.  It's been fun.

What is a Soap Opera without...soap?  After 77 years Proctor & Gamble is pulling the plug on their sponsorship of daytime television.  Where are they moving their dollars?  Social Media.  Look for more from P&G on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.   And, so you don't think I was making it up:  Here is the story from the LA Times.  I know, this social media stuff is just a fad.

DUMB Business Card I was going to wait until Thursday and "The Worst Ad of the Week" to post this...but...I dunno look like "DUMB" to you?   Hey, three out of five we showed it to said, "Yes".

I'm sorry...less "business" and more "stuff" to go with your coffee...

Politics and The Law - Once Iowa voters made the choice to listen to theMan No  "No, No, No" voice of Bob Vander Plaats (and his out of state funding machine) to kick out three Supreme Court Justices my attorney friend Rush Nigut told me even more out of state folks would pile on.  He, of course, was right.  Now,  an Indiana (the model economic state for Terry Branstad...don't even go there...) attorney has filed suit in Iowa to change the selection system.  Here is Rush on Business and his take.   I...agree.

Yesterday, here in Central Iowa, it snowed.  Some people are simply "giddy" other, more sane folks, look forward to May.  The story from the Des Moines Register.

However, nothing keeps our son from a party and last night was no exception.  I hear Dos Rios was grateful for a bunch of folks celebrating a birthday?

Roxi Max Dec 9 2010 We did something really different Thursday.  Insight on Business with Michael Libbie became less a "news" show than it did entertainment.  Singer/Songwriter Roxi Copland was our guest and while we did visit about the music business...she also played some of her original songs including her latest, "Youthful Indiscretion" which "really" had it's debut that night. Scoop...right?  Here's our producer, and lead man at Webcast One LIVEMax Crab gets cozy with Roxi.  Thanks for the visit...  Oh, for those of you who have not yet heard/seen the TSA tribute, "I'll Be Groped for Christmas (TSA Edition)" have a listen.  Thanks Roxi. 

Anybody do business with Union Bank & Trust Company out of Lincoln, NE and enjoy it?  Just asking as they've been a real pain to deal with.  We've now sent them four letters with proof our vehicle is insured and they keep wanting $2,050 for their inflated insurance policy that we didn't need...because we were already insured.  One cool thing about this, I get to visit with Kim Gomez from Joe Mauro's Insurance Networking Systems on a regular basis.  Word:  At least we did our insurance business with a local company we trust and with whom we are on a first name basis...we'll remember that next time somebody suggests a bank.Sabra Humus

Meanwhile - How cool is personal service and can the "big guns" still offer it?  On Thursday I sent a "Tweet" to the Urbandale Hy-Vee store asking if they could get Sabra Hummas, the Jalapeno flavor.  (Which is the very best!)  A few hours later Curt Sills sent me a tweet saying there were two containers waiting for me at the deli.  Did I feel special?  No...because they do this for folks every single day.  It's MY Urbandale Hy-Vee you know...  Thanks Curt!

Going to roll this out the door and check the depth of the snow....grumble.  If you want to carry on the discussion, leave a comment below, send me an e-mail or let's connect on Twitter, @MichaelLibbie.  Oh, we also have one of those Facebook Thingys.  Have a great Sunday!