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Sunday Morning Coffee - December 19, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee, that time to sit down and catch up on theCoffee Cu ps  stories of the past week and peek ahead into next.  It's sorta like hanging out at the coffee shop with friends.  And, because it's a conversation leave a comment, send me an e-mail or join the conversation on Twitter.  Let's grab a cup and go...

This is the second story in the past two weeks about the failure of West Glen a shopping area in Beverly Hills...errr, West Des Moines.  If you read the story the merchants blame the poor West-glen-logo business on EVERYTHING but THEIR marketing efforts.  I did a little snooping into the Social Media traits of several of the grumpy merchants.  One word - Dismal.  While the shops in the East Village thrive...no matter the size, these guys are having trouble.  Lots of possibilities and an interesting study.  I can tell you the answer is NOT entirely what the shop owners are saying...  Thanks for the story from our friends at the Des Moines Register.

I'm sorry...starting out "Coffee" with a business story.  Shame right?

Tiffany Menke Crushed - Cityview came out with "Des Moines' Sexiest People - 2010" and I was, once again, not in the running.  However...the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Tiffany Menke made the list.    We agree she's a "hot momma" and a smart business executive.  When you talk about Tiffany among other "chamber types" they all say when they grow up they want to be just like her.  Nice choice.

It's a good thing I don't do politics or I'd have to tell you about how Fox News is helping the Iowa GOP with a fundraiser in Ames.  Or so says our friend at Bleeding Heartland.  But...I don't do politics.

Or do I?  The talk around town these days is that Christie Vilsack, theChristie Vilsack  very charming, smart and connected wife of former governor and now Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is going to run for congress.  But...against who?  I can tell you that loads of people are hoping she will run and become the first congress-woman from Iowa.  Something to watch...and you know Leonard Boswell and Tom Latham are paying close attention.

It's Christmas this coming weekend.  One of the neat things about being Jewish is the lack of time we spend on decor for the holidays.    In case you missed it, here is a quick video sharing with you how long it took us to TAKE DOWN the decorations.

And for those of you celebrating Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  See...even a Jew can say it so lighten up those of you who are fearful of taking "Christ out of Christmas".  Just stop it...you're really...silly.

West Glen I'm trying to figure out why Cabaret West Glen uses images of the 801 Grand Building and the EMC Insurance Building in their print ads.  Those buildings are Downtown Des Moines...West Glen is in Beverly Hills...opps, West Des Moines.  Hmmm...maybe those merchants have a point?  But, then again, showing a Super Target wouldn't be quite as...sexy.

Two Menards Stories - Never enter into the "Express Lane" at Menards because it's anything but express.  Three times this past week made a visit and each time (against my better judgement) I visited the "Express Lane".  Slower than 40 weight oil on a cold Iowa morning.  I finally figured out why:  Most of the folks that are going through the "Express Lane" pay in dollar bills or coin rather than roll out the debit card.   Sometimes folks can't count out the cash and sometimes the cashier has issues counting out the change. 

Menards Part Deux - If you are looking for a Queen/King bed frame skip Homemakers ($60), skip Big Lots ($70) and head to Menards - $37.  Or pick one up on Twitter from a friend for $20.   A public service announcement.

I've not been to shul (synagogue) for over a week.  Since the Board fired my rabbi...I've just not got the stomach to look at these people or be in the same room with evil.  I've always said, "Religion is a great thing...until people get involved."  I'm sure that works for you too...no matter what faith you attach yourself.

I enjoy introducing you to new and interesting people.  This is Connie Pruitt a new friend and artist for her own business The Painted Whimsy.


Interesting stuff, no?  I met Connie at a recent "Food Raiser" for the Food Bank of Iowa.  Much success to both.  Oh, if you want to contact her drop me an e-mail.  She's just started going "commercial".

Did you know there was an "Extended Stay" facility called The Cottages at Stoney Creek Inn?  Me either.  At the same event I ran into Carl Drautz and a cast of helpers.


Seems this property has been around for a long time.  While we've been to Stoney Creek many times we didn't realize there was an extended stay facility.  Just another public service...

Gosh we got LOCAL on this one huh?  OK...that's enough.  Got to push this out the door.  Have a great Sunday and a reminder, tomorrow is the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business with Michael Libbie. We'll be talking about some of these stories and our special guest is Joe Hobot, an interesting guy who Tweets about Des Moines and loves it.  Seems like a good choice?