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Sunday Morning Coffee - December 26, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee...a great time to catch up on the stories of theCoffee Cu ps  past week and take a peek at next.  And, because this is a conversation feel free to leave a comment below, send me an e-mail or join the discussion on Twitter, @MichaelLibbie.  Grab a cup...

Is it...safe?  The Christmas Holiday is a memory (and we hope a good one for you and your family) so...going shopping today?  Returning stuff today?  Worst present from 2010?  Come on...tell all.  A side note:  I'm invited to a Christmas Party the second weekend in January.   Are they early or...late?  Confusing stuff.

My bride "loves snow". When it's in the forecast she can't wait and gets excited as the first flakes drift to the ground, "Look!  It's snowing!!"  Me?  I see 40-minutes of work (shoveling) for every inch of snow.  Friday I found out a little secret.  We got about 4" early on Friday morning and because we lack a snow blower and have a driveway the size of a football field I enlisted her services for the business end of a shovel.  She says, "I've never shoveled snow in my life."  Now I understand...you can really love snow if you don't have to move snow.  Our neighbor took pity and showed up with his snow-blower.  Thanks Sean.


I case you missed it the brand new Hyatt Place Des Moines - Downtown is now open.  Very nice.  Here is a link to a quick video we Hyatt Place Sign took when we got a private tour on Thursday.  Thank you Jenny!  Notice that we always have to say "Downtown" when we write about Hyatt Place Des Moines.  Notice in the sign it clearly says "downtown" rather than just "Des Moines".  (Does that mean there is another Hyatt Place on the way...that will be located elsewhere?) Hmmmm

Did you know that Aldi, the "no frills" grocery store chain where you pay up with a quarter to use a shopping cart ownes Trader Joes?  Just wondering...

When the Iowa Stars and the Iowa Chops were in town we spent a bunch of time (and money) at the Iowa Event's Center.  Like nearly ALL the home games for three years.  I wasn't much of a Global Spectrum fan...and said so.  But...this article by Kyle Munson about Matt Homan helps to change my mind a bit.  From our friends at The Des Moines Register.

Looks like that "evil" Iowa Power Fund will stick around for a bit. That is the same fund that "Candidate Branstad" said had to go to save money and lower taxes.  NOW Governor-Elect Branstad says it has merit and will keep the fund rolling on.  Is that a "flip" or a "flop"?  There will be more.  Just wait until his own party starts working on him.  Things were easier "back in the days of Robert Ray Republicans...today?  He could get more headaches from members of his own party.  Watch.

The saga of Union Bank and Trust Company of Lincoln, Nebraska rolls on.  For months we've been trading letters (mine personal - theirs form) that we have, and have had, insurance coverage on one of our vehicles. Union Bank and Trust Logo   That didn't matter to them so THEY took out an insurance policy for US...at the hefty price of $2,100 a year.  Finally, eight days ago, they sent us a letter (personal) saying. "Opps, our bad.  Forget it.  No problem.".  On Friday we got a collection letter from them telling us that we owe the regular payment (which was made on time) and another $1,100 for insurance.  And, this ISN'T a BIG BANK...only 144 employees.  Come on kids...  Maybe we "don't belong"?   You make me crazy and you also make Sunday Morning Coffee (And no doubt Insight on Business) come Monday.

I didn't know that Leonardo was a bastard...  We went to Da Vinci Da Genius last week.  Very neat...don't miss.

Does packaging sell a product? Sure it does and here's proof:  This TUL Penspackage of TUL pens was on display at Office Max...I had to try the pen.  Works well but what really "sold" me was the great packaging.  Not only good looking but you can also "open" up the "blister pack" without it being a "laceration pack".  Very, very cool!  Go get a package...K?

Here is something interesting about...dog food.  Last week @GeorgieGurl and I were wandering around the East VillageOrijin Dog Food Price  and stopped into Jett & Monkey's Dog Shoppe.  Jennifer, one of the owners, and I got to talking about dog food (we have a dog food manufacturer as a client).  Jett & Monkey's sells an all natural product called Orijen which is imported from Canada.  A 29.7 lb. bag sells for....a whopping $77.99.   I asked, "So do you sell much?"   "Yep, about $2,000 worth each...week."   Uhm..... 

The other day I asked somebody what they thought was the deciding difference in retail between the robust East Village and the anemic West Glen.  The answer: "The East Village is real, real people, events and full of charm.  While West Glen feels 'man-made' and...plastic."  Her words, not mine.

We recently had dinner with friends Larry and Susan Moore and Mary and Bob Sobiech.  What fantastic conversation with bright, energetic and articulate people.  The six of us ran a table of topics from family to faith and Des Moines to Chicago...it is a "must do" again.Brian G

Do you REALLY understand all the flap about business and health insurance?  I don't either...but we'll all get smarter on Tuesday as Insight on Business with Michael Libbie sits down with Brian Gillette and talks the Health Care Bill and the impact on business...and you.   Join us, noon Central only at Webcast One LIVE!

OK...that's a wrap.  Just some gossip, stories and stuff over Sunday Morning Coffee - We'll be back with business tomorrow.  Til then...have a great Sunday and thanks for reading!