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Where They Are & Where They Are Not...(Broadcasting)

Nearly two years ago when a group of us began broadcasting over the Internet folks called us "crazy".  "Nobody knows you areBillie Sucher  around."  "What?  You are broadcasting news and information on the Internet?  Who listens to that?"  "If I can't get you in my car you're not real."  We heard it all.

Some of it may have been deserved.  After all, we were cranking out content on blogs and video/audio from our tiny studio located in a closet that was in a Clive watering hole called Miss Kittys'.  Hardly impressive.  (Ask my friend Billie Sucher.) 

But we kept it up...through break-downs and break-ups.

Cortney MPL 1 September 2010 Today the Webcast One LIVE studios (we have two) are located in the Skywalk of Des Moines - 600 Block of Walnut (come by sometime or ask our friend Courtney Tompkins).  While we've been busy too have the people who are tuning out traditional broadcasting in favor of "on-line".  Or so says a study released on Tuesday from Forrester Research.

The report says that Americans are now spending as much time on the Internet as they do with Television.  As for radio, they have lostabout 15% in the past five years.  Meanwhile listening to or watching online content has grown and Forrester believes there are over 42 million Americans engaged in this new form of media.Studio Monitor

Are we "there yet"?  Nope...but we're close. 

Somebody once asked me why I spend five hours a day preparing and delivering Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, a news show about business and consumer trends, "on the Internet".  I told him that I'd much rather be IN the parade than watch it pass by.  The research tells me we're marching in the right direction.