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Farmers and Snow Invade Des Moines

The first three days of February will not only see the year's first big2002%20color%20logo  snowfall in Des Moines but also the 56th Iowa Power Farming Show a presentation by the Iowa/Nebraska Farm Equipment Dealers Association.  Andy Goodman, the association Executive Director tells us, "We've had our moments this year with Veterans Auditorium going through a major renovation.  That meant we had to move displays to the Polk County Convention Center and along the skywalk between there, Hy-Vee Hall and the Wells Fargo Arena."

Billed as the "Upper Midwest's Largest Indoor Ag Equipment Show" the Iowa Power Farming Show will play host to 640 companies occupying 1660 booths.  "We're ranked in the top six indoor farm equipment shows in the nation," says show manager, Tom Junge.  "If the weather treats us well and the farmers get to the show they'll be Flo IA Power Farming able to enjoy a great three days of exhibits and seminars all directed to profit."  Last year the show saw nearly 20,000 attendees from many Midwestern and surrounding states.

This will be the third year our friends at Calcium Products, Inc. of Iowa will sponsor the shuttle buses that take farmers and exhibitors from the Iowa Cubs Principal Parking Lot directly to the doors of the show.   There is no charge for parking...or for the ride.  "We've got some new things this year", says Calcium Products Sales Manager, Craig Dick.  "We'll be showing a video on each of the three busses that shows some of the highlights of our seminars from last year where we talked about soil science, increased yield and theIowa Power Flo on Buss  importance of soil nutrients such as sulfur."  Each bus will be escorted to the show by a "waitress" from the "Calcium Products Cafe" who will be handing out information cards about the daily seminars and helping attendees get to the right stop.  Seminar times:

  • Tuesday - February 1 - 11:30am - Hy-Vee Hall - Room 7
  •  Wednesday - February 2 - 11:30am - Hy-Vee Hall - Room 8
  •  Thursday - February 3 - 12:15pm - Hy-Vee Hall - Room 7


In Iowa, agriculture is king...and this event is where the king and his court gather to celebrate all that is new, exciting and innovative in the world of farming....see you at the show!

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Sunday Morning Coffee - 01/30/2011

Welcome back to Sunday Morning Coffee...our chance to visit about theCoffee Cu ps  things that went on last week and take a peek into next.  And, because it's like a visit between friends...over coffee...join the conversation by sending me an e-mail, leave a comment below or join me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or on my personal Facebook Page.  Whew....

A couple of years ago I flew out of Kansas City where I had a great TSA Customer ExperienceHUH?  WHAT?  How TSA image can that be? wasn't "really" TSA it was a private firm who understood that one of their prime customers happens to  So...why NOT allow more private firms get involved in airport security?  Ain't gonna happen.  Here's why...from our friends at CNN.

How about a couple of Iowa stories?

Women - Iowa doesn't do so well when it comes to electing women toLady Justice  public office or appointing them to the Supreme Court.  We've yet to elect a woman to Congress...and taking a look at the nominees to the Iowa Supreme Court there isn't going to be a woman there...either.  Only one woman (out of twelve) made the cut and there's not a Snowball's Chance in Hell that Governor-For-Life Terry Branstad is going to select Angela Onwuachi-Willig.  Wanna know why?  Here you go from our friends at Bleeding Heartland.  Lady Justice might wear a dress...but here in Iowa, we know who wears the pants.

Dr DoobiePssst, hey Clel...pass the doobie man!

- Iowa State Representative Clel Baudler (R) Greenfield headed out to California to prove (to who we don't know) that just about anybody can buy weed there.  He went to a clinic, made up a story and got a script.  Then, came back and told his fans what he did.  Trouble's not legal to lie about a medical condition (in this case hemorrhoids - we really don't want to know) to a physician.  An, "oriental doctor" at that.  (Clel's words...not mine.)  California isn't going to investigate; they've got more important stuff on the burner...  Here's the update from the Des Moines Register.

My coffee pot has the most interesting warning: "Do not hold above someone."  OK...

And now a word from Rural America & your Favorite Grocer - "Where's theSteak  Beef? - It's right here but it's gonna cost ya!"  It's the "perfect storm".  The price of grain is going up...and the number of cattle on feed has been going down and we're building exports.  That's the simple way of explaining why, this summer, you'll see a price increase of ten to fifteen percent in the cost of your steak.  Restaurants...will follow if not already there.  More?  Here's a story from our friends at the Des Moines Register

And...while we're talking restaurants here is the latest from our friends at Gusto Pizza of Des Moines:  They had a "soft opening" last night.  Of course we HAD to go.  The "Tweet" we got just after 9PM said:  "80 pizzas in two hours..."  Have a look:


Mind advertising dollars spent with traditional media.  This was all new media - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube people followed and showed up, in mass.  Josh, "I'm a little worried...this crowd and we're yet."  It's a good worry to have   Good stuff and if you really want a treat...try the Chocolate Cannoli...YIKES!  They open tomorrow at 11:00AM.  Here's their website...which by the way is as great as their food.

A shout out to Jared, Jon, Michael, Chris and so many others...all fellow Tweeps who came by to say..."Hi!"  Michael, hook us up with MR. B?

I'm not sure if it's my phone (I have a brick known as a Blackberry 8330 that works some of the time - Verizon said, "Hmmm shouldn't do that." and pointed me to the door.) or if it's a first move by Gannet and the Des Moines Register in a "pay to view" deal.  When I go to view the Des Moines Register Mobile all I get it "headlines".  Sucks... Let me know??

The RAGBRAI route was announced last night.  Starts in Glenwood and ends in Davenport a short ride at 454 miles but more hilly.  Overnight stops are:  Atlantic, Carroll, Boone, Altoona, Grinnell and Coralville making the ride back and forth over (or under) I-80 a couple of times.  You can click on each city for a preview of the town. is a map of the route.  Congrats to each!   It's the very best promotion your cities can have.  Now I've got to get notes out to friends in each town.

"Go outside, come back in, go out side, come back in, go outside, come back in." - A Dogs LifeWorkbench

I got a workbench and it's going in this room:

Two things:  I must put it together and I must figure out what to work on...  OK, three things:  I need to figure out Workshop Rom how to work on the stuff that I'm gong to work on...on the workbench.

Stay tuned...

The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce is holding their Annual Dinner this Thursday.  Here is the info.  We're going as guests of Juli Applegate in what was a surprise of friendship.  And...we get to see her Mom and Dad, Rita and Chuck Griggs.  That will be so very cool.  Thank you Juli and Waste Management and all the folks that work so hard on behalf of the business community here.  You...all...rock!

Todd Razor Tomorrow Insight on Business with Michael Libbie has Todd Razor in the studio.  Todd is with the Business Record and, because it's a "Metro Monday Edition" we'll be talking about some interesting things that impact the Des Moines Real Estate Market.  Hope to have you come by for that and more.  Noon Central here at Webcast One LIVE!

We're trying to get Joe Hrdlicka booked for the show.   Joe is with the Iowa Telecommunications Association and it seems, from what we'veIowa Telecommunications  read, that his group is not in favor of moving forward with President Obama's plan to connect 98% of American's into the 4G network.  Says it will promote a "rural urban divide".  We'll keep you posted.

OK...gotta push this out.  Thanks for coming by and...if you want to carry on the conversation...well you know.  Have a great Sunday...

"Wonder what size wrench I'll have to use to put this together...."




Opening New Markets

Eric Benton is from Jefferson, SC where he runs Southeast Tractor Parts.  Eric attended the social media seminar I did last week in OrlandoEric Photo 1 (2) sponsored by the National Tractor Parts Dealer Association (NTPDA).  

He's also a true believer.

His world consists of fielding lots of phone calls from people looking for tractor parts or farmers who have been on the website and want more information or have questions about which part to buy.  Eric has two local customer demographic bases:

  • 25 to 45 year old men/women who own a single tractor to care for five to fifty acres of hunting plots, gardens or lawn care.
  • 45 to 65 year old men/women working 200 - 800 acres of soybeans, corn, wheat, turkey, chicken, watermelon, tobacco, cotton and cattle.

He wants...more.

Man Hay Bale Microphone Eric realizes he's behind the curve when it comes to online sales.  Add to that the fact that, in his area, forty percent of rural families are stuck on "dial up" connections through their phone company.  (This is just another reason why it's so critical that we move quickly to bring broadband to Rural America - but that's another story.)

He realizes that to expand he's got to look outside of his immediate market area...but how.  How is he going to engage consumers that live 500 to 800 miles away without spending tons of cash on traditional or even Internet advertising?

"I love building relationships with my customers.", says Eric.  "When they call I get to ask them about their business, the crops, how things are going and even their family.  Folks like that and I need to reach out more."

Enter the world of Social Media- A light went off in Eric's head last weekLightbulb  when he realized that he could begin searching for, communicating with and being a part of agriculture in many different parts of the nation...and world.  It wouldn't cost him loads of cash...and he would be working on one of his favorite things...building relationships.

Rushing back to South Carolina Eric, and his bride Linda, began adding more robust items to their website, careful not to get too creative or flashy (40% on dial-up), they started an eBay store and will soon have the real capability to sell online with the help of another provider.  He's started looking at Flip cameras to record the lifestyle of his consumers and share with the world.  And, we're looking forward to seeing him on Twitter/Facebook and a Business Blog...soon.

Eric is one of the 5% who came, got the message and is acting on it...he is building new markets where he can engage and sell and profit.

How about you?



So, What Do You Think...Low Cost Marketing

Bringing something NEW into a market is always a scary event.  WhatLightbulb  will the people think?  Will they like it? Will they understand what we're selling and what value we bring to the manufacturing.  Will the fact that the product is made in America mean something?  What about quality...will they get it?  What will the consumer say?

Here is a way to gauge the mood of the consumer...and it costs next to nothing.  Call ahead and make arrangements to show (NOT SELL) your items at a local networking event (come on use your contacts) and then just listen and watch.  Here let me show you...


Small group right?  Exactly, that gives you the opportunity to visit with consumers guage their acceptance level and price point comfort.  Here we recorded come comments and our client will use this in some future marketing and manufacturing effort.

Thanks to the Des Moines Cycle Club and Bike Country in Ankeny, Iowa for letting us experiment a little for our client, Air Design based in Scobey, Montana.  To learn more about what they manufacture and sell...  Here is their website.

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Sunday Morning Coffee - January 23, 2011

Let's get warm with some Sunday Morning Coffee?  Not a bunch ofCoffee Cu ps  business news, Sunday Morning Coffee is more like that visit between friends at the local cafe or coffee shop.  The things, small and large, that made an impact last week and a peek into next.  And, because it's a conversation feel free to leave a comment below, send me an e-mail, connect on Twitter or visit my Facebook Page

I was looking over what I just wrote and thought back to a conversation I had with a person a couple of weeks ago.  He said, "You're the hardest person to find..."  My answer.. "Do you have a computer?"  He:  "Oh, I never thought of that..."

Thank You This was nice - Last week a friend and non-client called me with a question about his business.  He said he was not having getting enough traffic to his website and asked if it was time for him to start buying "traditional media".  (Here is the article I posted on the question and my answer.)  On Friday a package arrived with a gift card and a "thank you" note.  Classy...really.  Not expected nor asked for but it shows character.  Thank you...back.

This was rude - I was giving a seminar about the use of social mediaMan Business Puffed  for business.  The focus of the event was using SM to build relationships and how any size business can increase sales by listening and responding to consumersJeff Houden the owner of Select Publishing had this comment during Q&A: "I agree with you but you left out the most effective form of marketing to farmers and that is e-mail marketing, something we do."  And went on with his commercial...  Jeff, read the second sentence of this paragraph...  Yikes.

If you missed it, here is a brief video from Orlando and some comments from attendees:


Olbermann_10-5 This was scary - If you are a progressive your job may be in danger?  This week Keith Olbermann was relieved of his duties at MSNBC.  I enjoyed his caustic comments and I balance them with the caustic comments of Bill O'Reilly.  Ominous in this is the fact that he was the #1 rated anchor on MSNBC but that didn't mean much to the new owners of NBC.  The FCC approved the Comcast majority holdings of NBC and their first act was to remove Olbermann. Here is the story from Yahoo News.  

This was educational - His name is "Sam" and he was my driver whoSam Orlando  took me to the airport on Friday morning.  "Sam" is an interesting guy.  I asked him where he was from and when he said, "Uzbekistan" I answered, "Really, I was just reading about Uzbekistan and their farm trade shows.He was...shocked, "You know Uzbekistan?  The majority of people I drive have no idea and think I mean Pakistan."  We talked for 15 minutes about the people, culture, politics and economy of his country and then he said, "I'm driving now but I want to get into fashion design, it's what I did in Uzbekistan and I'm looking for a break here in the US.I hope so Sam...and welcome to the a place where anything is possible.  Thanks for the education.

"Sam" had to drive me because the Mears Transportation Group of Orlando failed to deliver on their end of a transaction.  (But they do have a fancy website.)  I had the 10:50AM shuttle reserved from the Doubletree Resort to the airport.  I had called to make sure they were on time and assured they were.  They were not.  At 11:10AM, fearing I'd John Maxwell 2 miss a flight, I met "Sam".

OK John Maxwell, we've got to meet! - Four times, while on this trip, individuals walked up to me and said, "You're John Maxwell!" or "Mr. Maxwell, I love your books." or "You've got to be him, you even sound like him!".  The Delta flight attendant, who's been on the job for 25 years, said, "Has anybody told you you look and sound like John Maxwell?  He and his wife have been on my flights in the past and I had to check the passenger list to make sure."  Really?   I just know John Maxwell is a great guy!  But, he wouldn't have been flying "Coach".


If you've not done so I'd encourage you to read the book, Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh one of the founders of Zappos. You should do this for several reasons:  1)  Learn how Tony "grew up" and became a leader.  It's not the primary reason he wrote the book but the messages are there.  2)  Learn how focusing on consumers/customers can build your business.  Not lip service .  3)  You can't copy the Zappos Culture but you can understand how to start building your own.  4)  It wasn't took work and personal sacrifice (see #1).    Here is the link to Delivering Happiness. 

I thought you might like this - Here is a photo of the "trays" used at theZappos Orlando AP  Orlando Airport.  You know...those trays you must put your shoesin...  I'd not seen this before but very cool and on message for Zappos.  So, matter what size your business what can you link to that puts your brand in front of folks that is also true to your brand?  Think about it...

From our "Boneheaded Idea of the Week" department - Seems Iowa lawmaker State Sen. Steve Kettering (R) Storm Lake, says that "...because most Iowan's have rejected the 55 mph speed limit..." we should raise it to 60 mph.  Sound reasoning.  Bet I could find evidence that says "...because most Iowa teens would like to see beer served in the lunch room..." we could consider lowering the drinking age to...what thirteen? Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.

I see that a NEW tradition has started in Des Moines - Central Iowa Bloggers (CIB) now meets in two locations; the Panera Bread on Panera U Normal University inWest Des Moines (original location) and Panera Bread Downtown.  The original group meets (very informal by the way) the first Friday of each month starting as soon as Andrew B. Clark gets there (about 6AM). The Downtown group meets, it looks like the 3rd Friday of the month...also early in the morning.  Spreading the word about business/personal blogging and...a friendship.  Very nice. Toilet 1 Jan 2011

While I was gone my bride painted a bathroom.  She does this kind of a thing often...when I'm gone.  Wonder if I left for a week what might happen?   Very cool and thank Bath after Jan 2011 you!!  Looks great huh - before and after shots.

Building market share before you open up your doors - They're back...  Our friends from Gusto Pizza Co. continue to build market share for the new restaurant long before the doors open.  Over the past 20 days they have been posting videos telling the story of "The Mothership" (their pizza oven) and casting their people in the leading roles.  If you want a text book case on how to secure a "tribe" in advance of you go.  Brilliant!  



Advertising and marketing people look at things...differently - evenDoubletree Orlando lighting  hotel rooms.  -It's because we're always viewing our world in the eyes of consumers...first.  While at the Doubletree Resort in Orlando I noticed a design flaw that I bet was created by men...approved by men and never considered by...a women.  The rooms here are very cool...but the "bath area lighting" needs help.  At the seminar I asked how many women in the group liked the bathroom and mirror area.  Not a hand went up...  Why?  Too dark for makeup and hair.  Trust me on this...  By the way...none of the guys "got it".

OK...going to get this out while it's still Sunday Morning.  Thanks for coming by and again, because it's a to hear from you.

Leave you with a TODAY:











Social Media For Business - From Orlando

This week I spent a couple of days in (sorry) warm and sunny Orlando atDouble-tree-resort-orlando1  the National Tractor Parts Dealer's Association annual meeting.  My job here was to talk about marketing, advertising and how social media can help expand the consumer base of business.  The folks stayed glued to their seats and I think they learned some

After a session I asked several people if they learned anything new and what that might be:


I get to come home today and looking forward to it.  I hear it's cold in the Midwest?  Sorry...

If you would like to carry on the conversation you can leave me a comment here, send me an e-mail or let's connect on Twitter, @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV.  Have a great weekend...check for Sunday Morning Coffee on...Sunday.


Talking To Yourself?

I had a client ask me a question about the value of Twitter; which weTwitter_logo2  think is an amazing business tool. That got me to poking around to see how some folks use this social media giant. 

I plugged in the word "Iowa" in my Twitter Search and just started in...not so much looking at personal or individual Tweeps (that's what we call folks who..."Tweet"...I know...) but at those Twitter Accounts that push themselves off as "news" or "information" sites.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • @fwix– LocalDesmoines - Des Moines News – 18,500 Updates – Follow 20 People – 290 Followers – Tweeting Since January 2010
  • @thenewshounds – 17,100 Updates – Follow 0 People – 844 Followers – Tweeting Since June 2010
  • @IowaHawkeyeNews – 4,330 Updates – Follow 5 People – 248 Followers – Tweeting Since September 2010
  • @MedicalInformer – 14,026 Updates – Follow 74 People – 450 Followers – Tweeting Since November 2010
  • @IowaBlogs – (Iowa Bloggers) – 9,783 Updates – Following 0 People – 575 Followers – Tweeting Since August 2009
  • @BlogforIowa – (Blog for Iowa) – 1,750 Updates – Following 155 People – 722 Followers – Tweeting Since December 2008

And the Grand Prize Winner@DesMoinesNews with a total of 57,900 Updates - Follow 0 People and have 988 Followers  @DesMoinesNews has been "Tweeting" since 2007...


A couple of observations:

  • If I were pumping out over 15,000 Tweets in a year and have few followers I am just here to “broadcast” and I care nothing about relationships…or learning.
  • If I were “billing” myself as a “News” outlet and had less than 1,000 followers I’d have to ask myself…”Why am I spending all this time talking to myself?”
  • Some folks just don’t work hard – I figure there are more than 722 “Progressives” in Iowa…but then again…maybe not.  And 1,750 updates in two years.  Not much going on?
  • If you are a “celebrity” maybe it’s not important to follow folks but if you’re not…you’ll never get there.

Man Pain But...nearly 60,000 outgoing messages and only "broadcasting" to 988 THREE YEARS?

They've got more time than I...and...must like talking to themselves.

I'm not being a Social Media Snob...but this tool takes some work and effort and I'm surprised how media just can't seem to  To be fair...some of these folks might be doing this as a hobby...  I hope.

If you want to carry on the discussion - @MichaelLibbie (personal and business) or @InsightADV(business leave me a comment here or join us on Facebook..we've got one of those thingys too.

Thanks for coming by...  OH...And a Tip of the Hat to the people at the Des Moines Register...  @DMRegister with 7,133 Updates - 9,799 Followers - Following 4,947 People - Tweeting since February 2008.  In addition many of their writers also Tweet.  An "old media" seems to "get it".  Interesting.







Six Media Tips for Business - True Story...

The other day I had a friend and non-client contact me with a question:Man scratching head

"I’m not getting enough traffic to my site by using social media and some traditional media.  Do you think it’s time for me to spend real money on a traditional media campaign?” 

I wish I could share with you who/what this is but that wouldn’t be nice.  I will tell you he is engaged in a service field with a product which is widely available in dozens of places in our city.

I asked a series of questions to learn more about how and what he’s doing in social media/media and concluded, quickly, he had just scratched the surface.  Here is what I told him:

Be Different – If consumers can access the information you (or he) is supplying, and it’s more of a commodity, offer it in a different way.  Give the service to the public with a memorable twist that nobody else is doing.  You'll have to think about how...but

Twitter Frequency – I follow my friend on Twitter and I know that he sends out a Tweet early in the morning and then one or two during the day.  That’s not enough and there is little “engagement”.   Think of Twitter as a non-stop news stream without re-runs or the ability to record the programming.  If somebody is following 2,000 people and I want to get noticed by them I have two choices a directed Tweet or…put some frequency in my Tweets.  Frequency = Reach.

Follow Back & Engage – My friend, who has been at this since June, follows three people and has 170 followers on Twitter.  You don’t have to follow everybody…but reach out to those in your market area and engage.

The Business Blog – He’s got a really cool job in an industry that is full of wonder and excitement.  Why not share some of that and create a “voice” with a blog and ad some cool video.  Honestly, people want the information he has…but he must share it in a different way to build his "voice".

Leverage Knowledge – Become available on the local speaking circuit and build relationships beyond the Internet.

Traditional Media Use – My friend currently has a media outlet where his message is heard four or five times an hour.  But it’s just a broadcast of a commodity not a call to engage.  Change that and watch what happens.

Should he spend money on “Traditional Media”?  Nope…he should spend some time working what he’s started.  Now he knows…and you do too.




Want to carry on the conversation?  Send me an e-mail, let's connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or @InsightADV, leave a comment below or head to our Facebook Page...thanks for coming by. - Michael



Sunday Morning Coffee - 01/16/2011

Sunday Morning Coffee is that visit we have talking about the stuff thatCoffee Cu ps  went on in our lives or the lives of others.  What did we find funny, sad, serious or silly?  This isn't much about business...we'll get back to that tomorrow.  This is just coffee...with friends.

My friend Ralph Rosenberg is out of a job.  Ralph headed the Iowa Civil Rights Commission for seven years and when our mutual friend "Governor-for-Life" Terry Branstad returned to the Statehouse...Ralph was out.  It's much the same for many who worked under former Democratic heads of state.  I'm sure Governor Branstad will find somebody to take the job...or he'll suggest that it be privatized and give a contract to Mel Gibson.  Stay tuned.

SampleUp HyVee Jan 14 2011 You've heard of a "Tweet-Up" right?  How about a "Sample-Up".  That's what happened Friday evening at the Urbandale Hy-Vee where about 25 folks gathered to sample wine, cheese, hummus, bread and beer.  Oh...and buy some too.  A hat tip to @CDSills from @UrbandaleHyVee for doing this.  There were plenty of smiles in that isle...

Speaking of Twitter - Have you ever spent thirty-minutes looking at what folks are Tweeting about?  How many times they have Tweeted.  If they follow people or simply "broadcast" what they think is news?  Try it sometime.  Take a word...maybe "Iowa" and plug it into the search.  Some interesting insight on folks.  I feel a business blog coming on.

Been a tough week.  The Memorial Service from Tucson (Which localMan Fired  and national media decided was not important enough to broadcast in it's entirety so those without cable or satellite had to watch on-line.) was, I believe, a step to healing.  The news that Monks from Iowa crafted the casket for nine-year old Christina Green...another connection to the tragedy and listening to six people, whom I know well, that lost their jobs all spelled F-U-N-K.... No, not you Dave.  Sorry to bring it up.

I used to visit and study with my rabbi daily.  Now, since some very odd people decided (after six years) that he "had to go" we get together by phone twice a week.  Ya know...religion is a great thing, until people get involved.

Snap out of it Michael!

Our daughter-in-law took a leave of absense from her teaching job.  Burned out and scared at 26..."It's a horrible environment and the kids are beyond nasty."  It's what happens when inmates run the asylum and we lack the guts to fix what we all know is so very wrong with "the system".

OK...not getting much better huh?  At least I'm not going to write about "blood libel"...yet.  Or...maybe it's because I didn't get to go to the ball...


Two interesting things about the article from Politico:  1)  Speaker Boehner lost an inside battle for control of the RNC and 2) The Speaker of the House failed to attend the memorial in Arizona and opted toTobias Eichberg  attend to politics in DC.  I

My friend, Tobias Eichberg, has released his bookAg Trade Show Report 2011.  If you manufacture farm equipment, or provide services to agriculture and you attend "farm shows" this is a "must have" planning document:


You can reach Tobias online: to learn more about the book.

And...speaking of books - My long time friend John Benage, whoOak Grove Book  currently calls San Antonio home,  called me last week to help him with the publicity of his book, Oak Grove.  Seems that a publisher is interested in this piece about growing up in Rural America and he needs an agency to help out.  I was honored that he thought of us...thank you John.

Got your gun yet?  Here is an interesting report from our friend Kyle Munson from the Des Moines Register.

Sam Auen MPL This is Samuel Auen known around Twitter as @VegChefDSM and for his bitting no punches pulled Foodie Blog, Locally Grown.  (Photo is from a guest shot he did on our show, Insight on Business with Michael Libbie.) He is the "Ironman" of year round bicycling.  Three years ago he sold his car.  Seriously...Sam works as a sous chef at Cafe di' Scala near downtown but lives in Cumming about 12 miles south of the city.  He commutes, rain, sun, snow and ice on his bike.  It's guite the story...two pages by Mike Kilen in the Des Moines Register...check it out and all hail the mighty Chef and his mighty beard!

I think I'm workin' out of it!Toilet 1 Jan 2011

Last Sunday Aaron and I put in a "new" toilet -  Actually he did the work, I was there with the flashlight and words of encouragement.  It took us some time and I've got to finish the flooring...but check the price! $25 from the Toilet Price Habitat for Humanity ReStore!  The old toilet (pink!) the faucet and some other items now go BACK to the ReStore as a donation.  BTW - If you are looking for a tiny toilet for kids (when big people sit on this your knees are under your chin) it's at the store...later today.

Did you hear about Gusto's Pizza?  It's going to open in Des Moines...very, very soon.  Sounds like a fun time.  Have a look at the video:


OK...very cool.  Feeling much better!! 

That's a wrap!  Have a wonderful Sunday!  We'll get back to business tomorrow both here and at Webcast One LIVE - It's the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business and we're talkin' baseball!   Catch it live tomorrow at Noon Central.  If you want to continue the conversation leave a comment here (below), shoot me an e-mail, head to our Facebook Page or let's connect on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie (business & personal) or @InsightADV (business baby...all business).






















Last night's failure of Broadcast Television to carry the full Memorial Service from Tucson serves as a stark reminder of how old and tired that media is becomming. While you could get the entire event via cable or on-line that form leaves many Rural Americans and the poor out of the loop. We'll talk about that and more today at Noon Central with Insight on Business part of