Jackass Letters - A Business Lesson - 01/11/2011

Buyer Beware - Making a Buck on Social Media

Yesterday I had a client call me with what he thought "may be a goodMan Business Puffed  idea".  He had been contacted by a national publication that was offering our him a "Social Media Sponsorship Opportunity" using Twitter.

I'm glad he called...

The "Social Media Opportunity" was this:  Our client pays $1,000 and the national publication would Tweet about a two day conference promising 100 Tweets in the two days and they would use a hashtag (#) to promote the conference.

Oh...and they would put up signs at the conference (attended by about 500 people) that our client was sponsoring the Tweets...

Some - Issues:

  • The National Publication has 156 followers since June 2009;
  • They have posted 600 updates in that time;
  • HOW will the conference Tweets promote our client;
  • What will be Tweeted;
  • Will other media also Tweet...

And that was just off the top of my head.  Then I learned the conference started...TODAY and the hashtag I was given (in error it turned out) was being used by somebody else to promote an event in March. 

I told our client, who was 60% inclined to participate that we would not recommend...  He passed.

Sometimes when things are shinny it attracts attention.  This seems to be one of those times.  "Let's do it because it's cool and it will bring in revenue." says the sponsor.  "Let's do it because it's cool." says the client.  

We're not saying it's a bad idea.  Had this been something we could have helped build, promote and structure...we'd have been in.  But, like so many Social Media Promotions and far too many advertising decisions...it lacked...Planning.

Careful out there.

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