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Sunday Morning Coffee - January 9, 2011

Even Cities Have a Brand...

Between the excitement of Ted Williams "The Golden Voice" being discovered and the first full week of work, many you might have missed this story about an old barn in West Des Moines.Barn-101

The short story is the Maplenol Dairy Barn is in the way of...progress.  Valley High School, wants to rip down the decades old structure for "green space", more athletic fields and...we think...because it simply doesn't match "The Brand".

Everybody and nearly every thing has a "brand".  We tell our clients to always learn, from consumers, more about their brand idenity.  To make sure the brand they have crafted is the same brand seen by the public.  Or, is their brand perceived as something totally different?  (Often busineses don't have a clue what their brand is...that's were we try to help.)

Back to our...barn.

Folks are all upset that West Des Moines and West Des Moines Valley High School are going to tear down this piece of history.  Many on the Facebook Page "Save The Maplenol Dairy Barn" write they are shocked that the city and the school would consider such a move.

They shouldn't be...West Des Moines is staying true to their...brand.

For years West Des Moines has carfully crafted their brand message:

  • New
  • Exciting
  • Modern
  • Rich
  • and...a little Snobby

The Chamber, School District and City Hall may disagree...but you see, that is the "magic" of "The Brand".  The brand is what I deem it to beIt's what YOU deem it to be.  It comes from the experience you and I have.  It comes from the experience of West Glenn, Jordan Creek Mall, the "lively bar scene" and the lifestyle of the folks living in the McMansions that dot the (secluded) landscape. 

Barn-110 There's nothing wrong with the brand; it is...what it is.  But, in this case, the barn doesn't match the brand...and so...it must go. 

Want me to prove my point?  If you're from the Metro you know about the community within Des Moines called Beaverdale.  Beaverdale has a brand that's different than West Des Moines.  The question to ponder:  What would the folks in Beaverdale do in a situation like this?

Everything has a brand...

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