Sunday Morning Coffee - 01/16/2011
Talking To Yourself?

Six Media Tips for Business - True Story...

The other day I had a friend and non-client contact me with a question:Man scratching head

"I’m not getting enough traffic to my site by using social media and some traditional media.  Do you think it’s time for me to spend real money on a traditional media campaign?” 

I wish I could share with you who/what this is but that wouldn’t be nice.  I will tell you he is engaged in a service field with a product which is widely available in dozens of places in our city.

I asked a series of questions to learn more about how and what he’s doing in social media/media and concluded, quickly, he had just scratched the surface.  Here is what I told him:

Be Different – If consumers can access the information you (or he) is supplying, and it’s more of a commodity, offer it in a different way.  Give the service to the public with a memorable twist that nobody else is doing.  You'll have to think about how...but

Twitter Frequency – I follow my friend on Twitter and I know that he sends out a Tweet early in the morning and then one or two during the day.  That’s not enough and there is little “engagement”.   Think of Twitter as a non-stop news stream without re-runs or the ability to record the programming.  If somebody is following 2,000 people and I want to get noticed by them I have two choices a directed Tweet or…put some frequency in my Tweets.  Frequency = Reach.

Follow Back & Engage – My friend, who has been at this since June, follows three people and has 170 followers on Twitter.  You don’t have to follow everybody…but reach out to those in your market area and engage.

The Business Blog – He’s got a really cool job in an industry that is full of wonder and excitement.  Why not share some of that and create a “voice” with a blog and ad some cool video.  Honestly, people want the information he has…but he must share it in a different way to build his "voice".

Leverage Knowledge – Become available on the local speaking circuit and build relationships beyond the Internet.

Traditional Media Use – My friend currently has a media outlet where his message is heard four or five times an hour.  But it’s just a broadcast of a commodity not a call to engage.  Change that and watch what happens.

Should he spend money on “Traditional Media”?  Nope…he should spend some time working what he’s started.  Now he knows…and you do too.




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