Sunday Morning Coffee - January 23, 2011
Opening New Markets

So, What Do You Think...Low Cost Marketing

Bringing something NEW into a market is always a scary event.  WhatLightbulb  will the people think?  Will they like it? Will they understand what we're selling and what value we bring to the manufacturing.  Will the fact that the product is made in America mean something?  What about quality...will they get it?  What will the consumer say?

Here is a way to gauge the mood of the consumer...and it costs next to nothing.  Call ahead and make arrangements to show (NOT SELL) your items at a local networking event (come on use your contacts) and then just listen and watch.  Here let me show you...


Small group right?  Exactly, that gives you the opportunity to visit with consumers guage their acceptance level and price point comfort.  Here we recorded come comments and our client will use this in some future marketing and manufacturing effort.

Thanks to the Des Moines Cycle Club and Bike Country in Ankeny, Iowa for letting us experiment a little for our client, Air Design based in Scobey, Montana.  To learn more about what they manufacture and sell...  Here is their website.

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