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Sunday Morning Coffee - 01/30/2011

Welcome back to Sunday Morning Coffee...our chance to visit about theCoffee Cu ps  things that went on last week and take a peek into next.  And, because it's like a visit between friends...over coffee...join the conversation by sending me an e-mail, leave a comment below or join me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or on my personal Facebook Page.  Whew....

A couple of years ago I flew out of Kansas City where I had a great TSA Customer ExperienceHUH?  WHAT?  How TSA image can that be? wasn't "really" TSA it was a private firm who understood that one of their prime customers happens to  So...why NOT allow more private firms get involved in airport security?  Ain't gonna happen.  Here's why...from our friends at CNN.

How about a couple of Iowa stories?

Women - Iowa doesn't do so well when it comes to electing women toLady Justice  public office or appointing them to the Supreme Court.  We've yet to elect a woman to Congress...and taking a look at the nominees to the Iowa Supreme Court there isn't going to be a woman there...either.  Only one woman (out of twelve) made the cut and there's not a Snowball's Chance in Hell that Governor-For-Life Terry Branstad is going to select Angela Onwuachi-Willig.  Wanna know why?  Here you go from our friends at Bleeding Heartland.  Lady Justice might wear a dress...but here in Iowa, we know who wears the pants.

Dr DoobiePssst, hey Clel...pass the doobie man!

- Iowa State Representative Clel Baudler (R) Greenfield headed out to California to prove (to who we don't know) that just about anybody can buy weed there.  He went to a clinic, made up a story and got a script.  Then, came back and told his fans what he did.  Trouble's not legal to lie about a medical condition (in this case hemorrhoids - we really don't want to know) to a physician.  An, "oriental doctor" at that.  (Clel's words...not mine.)  California isn't going to investigate; they've got more important stuff on the burner...  Here's the update from the Des Moines Register.

My coffee pot has the most interesting warning: "Do not hold above someone."  OK...

And now a word from Rural America & your Favorite Grocer - "Where's theSteak  Beef? - It's right here but it's gonna cost ya!"  It's the "perfect storm".  The price of grain is going up...and the number of cattle on feed has been going down and we're building exports.  That's the simple way of explaining why, this summer, you'll see a price increase of ten to fifteen percent in the cost of your steak.  Restaurants...will follow if not already there.  More?  Here's a story from our friends at the Des Moines Register

And...while we're talking restaurants here is the latest from our friends at Gusto Pizza of Des Moines:  They had a "soft opening" last night.  Of course we HAD to go.  The "Tweet" we got just after 9PM said:  "80 pizzas in two hours..."  Have a look:


Mind advertising dollars spent with traditional media.  This was all new media - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube people followed and showed up, in mass.  Josh, "I'm a little worried...this crowd and we're yet."  It's a good worry to have   Good stuff and if you really want a treat...try the Chocolate Cannoli...YIKES!  They open tomorrow at 11:00AM.  Here's their website...which by the way is as great as their food.

A shout out to Jared, Jon, Michael, Chris and so many others...all fellow Tweeps who came by to say..."Hi!"  Michael, hook us up with MR. B?

I'm not sure if it's my phone (I have a brick known as a Blackberry 8330 that works some of the time - Verizon said, "Hmmm shouldn't do that." and pointed me to the door.) or if it's a first move by Gannet and the Des Moines Register in a "pay to view" deal.  When I go to view the Des Moines Register Mobile all I get it "headlines".  Sucks... Let me know??

The RAGBRAI route was announced last night.  Starts in Glenwood and ends in Davenport a short ride at 454 miles but more hilly.  Overnight stops are:  Atlantic, Carroll, Boone, Altoona, Grinnell and Coralville making the ride back and forth over (or under) I-80 a couple of times.  You can click on each city for a preview of the town. is a map of the route.  Congrats to each!   It's the very best promotion your cities can have.  Now I've got to get notes out to friends in each town.

"Go outside, come back in, go out side, come back in, go outside, come back in." - A Dogs LifeWorkbench

I got a workbench and it's going in this room:

Two things:  I must put it together and I must figure out what to work on...  OK, three things:  I need to figure out Workshop Rom how to work on the stuff that I'm gong to work on...on the workbench.

Stay tuned...

The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce is holding their Annual Dinner this Thursday.  Here is the info.  We're going as guests of Juli Applegate in what was a surprise of friendship.  And...we get to see her Mom and Dad, Rita and Chuck Griggs.  That will be so very cool.  Thank you Juli and Waste Management and all the folks that work so hard on behalf of the business community here.  You...all...rock!

Todd Razor Tomorrow Insight on Business with Michael Libbie has Todd Razor in the studio.  Todd is with the Business Record and, because it's a "Metro Monday Edition" we'll be talking about some interesting things that impact the Des Moines Real Estate Market.  Hope to have you come by for that and more.  Noon Central here at Webcast One LIVE!

We're trying to get Joe Hrdlicka booked for the show.   Joe is with the Iowa Telecommunications Association and it seems, from what we'veIowa Telecommunications  read, that his group is not in favor of moving forward with President Obama's plan to connect 98% of American's into the 4G network.  Says it will promote a "rural urban divide".  We'll keep you posted.

OK...gotta push this out.  Thanks for coming by and...if you want to carry on the conversation...well you know.  Have a great Sunday...

"Wonder what size wrench I'll have to use to put this together...."