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Sunday Morning Coffee - January 9, 2011

Grab a cup and let's get into Sunday Morning Coffee...  Not a bunch ofCoffee Cu ps  business news (we'll get back to that tomorrow) this is a collection of stories that we'd no doubt talk about over a cup of "Joe".  Lots going on...and because it's a conversation feel free to drop me an e-mail, leave a comment below or let's connect on Twitter:  @MichaelLibbie  OK?  Let's go!

Governor-Elect Terry Branstad is going to have his hands full...with his own party.  New Republican members of the Iowa House are frothing at the bit to tackle all sorts of "social issues" from slashing social service budgets, marriage equality, death Iowa Capitol penalty and the removal of the remaining four Iowa Supreme Court Justices.  None of which the new governor wants any part of.  He wants to focus on the economy and jobs, both of which show improvement.   For example, Iowa just posted it's 14 consecutive month of economic recovery.  Not bad for a state where "the sky is falling".  Going to be an interesting 2011 General Session....Jason Glass

Wonder if anybody has visited with Jason Glass, the new director of the Iowa Department of Education?  With the GOP in control of the House and the Governor's Office the Platform of the Republican Party could come into focus.  Some issues that should interest my new Twitter Friend from Ohio might be:

  • The elimination of the Iowa Department of Education; (wait a minute....)
  • The teaching of creationism in the public schools;
  • The right of anyone to carry a firearm into any schoolroom
  • The elimination of "mainstreaming" special needs children.

Welcome to Iowa...just like Ohio...er...ahh, we've got four letters.

Congratulations...  Now that the economy is improving gas prices are headed back up.  Here is Des Moines it's two cents away from $3.00 a gallon.  A price that Michigan, and maybe Ohio, would love.

Remember when "Right on Red" became pretty much the law in all 50 States?  What was the reason?  It was an effort to save fuel during the energy crisis of the 1970's.  That's 30+ years ago.  Wonder when some drivers here is Des Moines will figure out IT'S OK TO TURN ON RED!  Grumble....

Barn-101 You've heard of the movement to "Save the Maplenol Dairy Barn" right?  Seems the City of West Des Moines and the West Des Moines Public Schools don't care for this reminder of...history and agriculture.  The city gave the approval to the school district to rip down the decades old barn for (you get to pick):  A) "Green Space"; B) New athletic fields; C) "It's old...and we just don't do 'old' in West Des Moines."  Or...all of the above.  So far well over 1,500 people have joined the Facebook Page and hundreds are signing a petition.  That's in less than a week.  Given the fact that school board elections usually bring out five or six voters...this could get interesting.  If we can bust out three Supreme Court Justices this should be a cake-walkHere is our post from Friday about why the barn "must" go.  Hint:  It does not fit the brand of West Des Moines...Pieathlon Logo

I had a meeting last week with the folks from Penny's PieathlonHUH?  Actually it's now called the Pieathlon a very cool fund raising event to fight cancer.  In previous years they have raised about $10,000 a year.  This year...the goal is $40,000 and 1,000 participants.  Wanna help us?

I just had a thought about Kate Walsh...


You're welcome.Palin HitList

Yesterday Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot during a public forum at a Tucson grocery store.  While, this morning, she clings to life six others are dead including a 9 year old girl, a federal judge and a congressional staffer.  Bloggers and the media from across the platform are casting an eye in the direction of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who asked her followers to "reload" following the 2010 Mid-Term Elections and targeted Giffords and other U.S. House Members with this image from the Sarah Palin Facebook Page.  Following the shooting on Saturday the image was taken down and Ms. Palin offered condolences to the family.

Kent Sorenson IAFor years you and I have been subjected to talk radio that has fed us fear and loathing.  For years we have witnessed talking heads, political candidates and political party leaders use violent rhetoric to describe their agenda.  Here in Iowa Kent Sorenson told the media that he was going to the Iowa Senate to "burn the place down".  What have we become where party leaders, the news media, you and I sit silent in the face of such hate and calls to violence?  

The way we go about the business of politics and public discussion must change.  It can no longer be "open season" on the ideals and the lives of those with whom we disagree.

IF you are still with me...watch this...and reflect a bit:

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