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Talking To Yourself?

I had a client ask me a question about the value of Twitter; which weTwitter_logo2  think is an amazing business tool. That got me to poking around to see how some folks use this social media giant. 

I plugged in the word "Iowa" in my Twitter Search and just started in...not so much looking at personal or individual Tweeps (that's what we call folks who..."Tweet"...I know...) but at those Twitter Accounts that push themselves off as "news" or "information" sites.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • @fwix– LocalDesmoines - Des Moines News – 18,500 Updates – Follow 20 People – 290 Followers – Tweeting Since January 2010
  • @thenewshounds – 17,100 Updates – Follow 0 People – 844 Followers – Tweeting Since June 2010
  • @IowaHawkeyeNews – 4,330 Updates – Follow 5 People – 248 Followers – Tweeting Since September 2010
  • @MedicalInformer – 14,026 Updates – Follow 74 People – 450 Followers – Tweeting Since November 2010
  • @IowaBlogs – (Iowa Bloggers) – 9,783 Updates – Following 0 People – 575 Followers – Tweeting Since August 2009
  • @BlogforIowa – (Blog for Iowa) – 1,750 Updates – Following 155 People – 722 Followers – Tweeting Since December 2008

And the Grand Prize Winner@DesMoinesNews with a total of 57,900 Updates - Follow 0 People and have 988 Followers  @DesMoinesNews has been "Tweeting" since 2007...


A couple of observations:

  • If I were pumping out over 15,000 Tweets in a year and have few followers I am just here to “broadcast” and I care nothing about relationships…or learning.
  • If I were “billing” myself as a “News” outlet and had less than 1,000 followers I’d have to ask myself…”Why am I spending all this time talking to myself?”
  • Some folks just don’t work hard – I figure there are more than 722 “Progressives” in Iowa…but then again…maybe not.  And 1,750 updates in two years.  Not much going on?
  • If you are a “celebrity” maybe it’s not important to follow folks but if you’re not…you’ll never get there.

Man Pain But...nearly 60,000 outgoing messages and only "broadcasting" to 988 THREE YEARS?

They've got more time than I...and...must like talking to themselves.

I'm not being a Social Media Snob...but this tool takes some work and effort and I'm surprised how media just can't seem to  To be fair...some of these folks might be doing this as a hobby...  I hope.

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Thanks for coming by...  OH...And a Tip of the Hat to the people at the Des Moines Register...  @DMRegister with 7,133 Updates - 9,799 Followers - Following 4,947 People - Tweeting since February 2008.  In addition many of their writers also Tweet.  An "old media" seems to "get it".  Interesting.