Market Leaders...Beware!

Make the Unhappy Customer Your Best Customer

It happens even in the best retail/service business.  You'll get an unhappy customer who can/will make your day...lousy.  Are thereWoman Angry  some things you can do to turn this angry person into your best advocate?

We think so...

Here's several ways to turn unhappy into...very pleased.

  • Listen- No...I said....LISTEN.  Do not talk, take the time to allow the customer to vent.  Let them blow and pay attention to what they are really saying.  Maybe it's not you or your company/service/product maybe what happened did not live up to their expectation.  There is a difference. 
  • Anticipate - To go through life thinking there isn't going to be an angry customer is to deny reality.  Sit back and really examine your product and service.  What holes might there be that you can plug...before the anger event. might you deal with them.
  • Break the Rules - We've all got policies...and policies on how to deal with the policies.  Your customer does not care what your policy know when you can break the rules, take ownership and move.  Even your boss will thank you.  If they are smart.
  • Know the Difference - Some customers want restitution others want retribution.  The customer who wants to be taken care of or wants "restitution" can work with.  If they want a piece of your hide...there's not much you can do. You must be able to know the difference because thinking it's retribution when it is really restitution will sink the deal.  Ask questions...and see number one...listen.
  • Say "I'm Sorry." & Mean It - I don't need to explain.  An angry customer will see through the pandering.  Think of how you can put yourself in their shoes...even for a moment.  It works.
  • Free Stuff - It's not always the best way...but it works.

Enjoy the day...and let's do the business of keeping business.

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