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Sunday Morning Coffee - February 13, 2011

Market Leaders...Beware!

Sixteen months ago I had a conversation about Blackberry and theBlackberry  future of Research In Motion (RIM).  It wasn't good.  The conversation, and we've reported on this in the past, revolved around the fact that soon (and this was over a year ago) Blackberry would lose market share to others who had continued to keep a robust R&D as well as increase their marketing budgets.

In other words - other companies continued to invest.

RIM didn't and today we've got the numbers from ComScore who released their study on the use of Smart Phones in the United States.  The raw numbers show us that in the 4th Quarter of 2010 63.2 million Americans owned a smart phone.  That's a 60% increase over the same time period a year earlier.  But what else?

  • Blackberry / RIM remains the leader in market share but dropped from 37.3% in September 2010 to 31.6% in December 2010.
  • Apple and Android saw the largest growth with Apple up to 25% of the market but Android surpassed Apple for the first time growing by 7.3% to hold a 27.7% share.
  • Microsoft and Palm - 8.4% and 3.7% respectively.

So, what is YOUR "take away" from this information?

Market leaders today may not be market leaders tomorrow.  We're already seeing shifts from companies who made the choice to duck during the recent recession.  We said over and over it was a their finding out we were right.

Now that Verizon has entered the iPhone market watch these numbers soar.  And watch Blackberry wither even further.  Your question should be..."What partnership can I develop for my business that will move me beyond my competition?".

Look for more traditional advertising from Blackberry, something they have not had to do...  Your message:  If you made the decision to slow your marketing budget in 2009/2010 you better ramp it

With Smart Phones rolling into the market from all sides...can you spell Mobile Marketing?  Want to?

In short, market stay market leaders need to continue to improve, continue to work their R&D, continue to market themselves.  Never take it for granted...that you'll stay on top.

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