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Sunday Morning Coffee - February 27, 2011

Shopping Cart Abandonment - $18 Billion and You

You would think the fact that e-commerce is losing an estimated $18 billion a year because 70% of people, who start a shopping cartWoman Emply Cart  experience but abandon the effort before check out, might get the attention of e-tailers. 

You would...think.

However only 34% of on-line merchants have a system in place to attempt to engage customers who leave before completing their transaction.  I'll bet that if seven out of ten consumers who entered your brick and mortar store left without a might try to find out why.

But...maybe this will help.  Here are some solid ideas you might put into place to slow the hemorrhage of business:

  • Engage the Consumer First - Before a consumer enters into the shopping experience ask for some information.  Even if it's as little as an e-mail address. 
  • Be Careful HOW You Ask - We don't suggest that you simply have a form for them to fill out.  Be real.  Something like:  "Hey, thanks for shopping with us.  In order to help us both could you give us your e-mail.  Just in case something goes wrong.  And, nope...we'll not distribute to anybody.  It's between us."  Even if only 30% fill it're ahead of the game.
  • Offer Real Time Help- Sites on "auto-pilot" are pilot.  Offer to engage with the shopper person to person through chat or a real phone.  Think...Zappos?
  • Offer Free Shipping or a Discount - You want to lure your customer back...what can you offer to make the transaction stick?
  • Use Video - A quick :15 message from YOU to the consumer about the experience and why customer service is important to you can help in a big way. All of a sudden you are...a person.  Not a robot.

There you go...enjoy and if we can help...let's connect.  Shoot me an e-mail, join us on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or head to our Facebook Page.  Thanks for coming by!