Farmers and Snow Invade Des Moines

Sunday Morning Coffee - 02/06/2011

Sunday Morning Coffee - We'll get back to business tomorrow but forCoffee Cu ps  today let's visit about some of the things we might talk about at the cafe or coffee shop over a "cup of Joe".  And, because it's a conversation, I'm interested in what you've got to say.  Leave me a comment below, send me an e-mail or follow me on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or my personal Facebook Page.  Grab a cup...

Zach Wahls is a student at the University of Iowa.  When I spoke with him last week I was certain he was involved in political science or pre-law.  But he was on the West High debate team and it shows in this powerful address to the Iowa House of Representatives who were debating the issue of Gay Marriage.


It shouldn't matter what side you're on -  You've got to admit this a great speech and who wouldn't be proud?  Over one million people have viewed this...just saying.

We're getting a divorce.  It's a difficult time here in Iowa, and when we Ring Goodbye wed we should have realized why marriage is sanctioned by the state.  We thought love and commitment and honor were the basic bedrock issues of marriage...but we were wrong.  Last week we learned from State Representative Richard Anderson(R) Clarinda (photo) that the reason Iowa permits people to marry is procreation.  "It's not about love.  It's not about romance.  It's about driving state policy toward responsibleRep Richard Anderson  procreation."  Because Georgie and I have grown children we had/have no desire to bring any more into the world.  We deceived Iowa and it seems we, now, are in conflict with the State.   Because we've always seen ourselves as law abiding members of society it's clearly time to end this scam and come into compliance with true family values.  We're sorry...honest.  Here's the story from the Des Moines Register.

Side note:  Last night I did a little "Facebook Contest" and said whomever correctly guessed the identity of the Iowa House Member who would be named in Sunday Morning Coffee would win a $20 Gusto Pizza Gift Certificate.  It took Jamie Fitzgerald nine minutes to get the correct answer and it was his first guess. It's on the way Jamie.  This guy knows his stuff.

One more?

If you work for a member of the Iowa Republican Party or an elected official of the Iowa Republican Party please do not stand up and applaud the Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court during his annual message to the legislature. not post anything that might be against the "party line".  Just a heads up.  Here's the story from Tyler Kingkade from the Iowa State Daily.

I don't know, but do you feel a little...uneasy?  Or is it just me?

Do Dire Predictions and "End of Times" Warnings Work?  Yes.  Just  ask the folks from the Iowa/Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association whoWeathercaster  saw attendance evaporate during the first two days of the 56th Iowa Power Farming Show.  "Weather Guessers" from all the media channels started last Saturday warning anyone who could pick up their signal that the IowaWinterDeathStorm2011 Part One was bearing down and if you should go would be struck down. "Stay home!  Do not venture on the roads.  The Iowa State Patrol advises against travel..."  All being done from the roadside with wind and snow whipping against their logo crested windbreaker.  Usually the fifth largest indoor farm equipment show in the nation brings nearly 20,000 people to Des Moines.  They were lucky to see 10,000.  

Man Confused If I told you that I know of a business that, for over a year, encouraged consumers to fill out an on-line form for "more information" but then never connected with any of the 800+ people who did...would you believe me?

Egypt is a mess, Jordan is foaming, Yemen is changing...  What the heck is going on over there?  Is it really democracy at work or is it a move by radical Islam to gain power in "western style" countries?  I dunno.  What do you think?

I'm going to become a surgeon.  Let's say things are not goingMan Xray  well.  You go to a doctor and say, "I've had headaches, blured vision and blood coming out of my ears..."  And the surgeon says, "Hmmm, I think we should do some tests and find out what is wrong."  Would you say, "'s just the altitude.  Thanks for your time."   Nope.  But that's what folks in marketing get when a business owner says, "Business sucks, I can't seem to get traction.  Nobody seems to know about my products/service and I'm losing money."  We say, "Let's talk about your customer base, what consumers you want to attract and ways to do it right."  They say,  "'s just the economy.  Never mind." 

Weary...just weary.

Gusto Logo Meanwhile - 91 Pizzas in 2.5 hours last Saturday night at Gusto Pizza Co. in Des Moines...during their "soft opening".  Zero spent in traditional media.  Never media doesn't work.  I forgot.  But...just in case you would like to "tweet" with them:  @GustoPizzaDM - Why do we like these guys so much?  Because they "get it".  They understand it's not only "sales" it's also "listening to consumers", creating "relationships" with "tribes" who will follow, talk about and help promote.   Makes me proud.

Just heard about Right Turn Feed in DeSoto, Iowa.  Looks like they've been around for awhile.  See, traditionall media (radio in this case) works.  I heard and went looking.

I don't know what happened with the story above.  Sorry...weird deal with the font size.Juli Rita Chuck Griggs Urbandale 2011

Last Thursday my Bride (I was just kidding about the divorce...I hope.) and I were guests of Juli Griggs Applegate who sells for Waste Management here in Des Moines.  She is the incoming president of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce.  Originally from Fort Dodge, her father Chuck Griggs was the sheriff there for many years.  I had not seen Sheriff Griggs or his bride Rita for years.  It was nice to connect with them again.  Thanks Juli! it was also great to see your sister Lori!  Been way too long!

News Corp is selling MySpace...surprise?  Nope. 

Last week put up my workbench in the workbench room.  Shared the story with you on Facebook.  Now...I've got to figure out what to do with it.  Work...I guess.

Arturo Fernandez I'm excited about Monday!  My guest for the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business is Arturo Fernandez the Photo Editor for the Des Moines Register.  He's done some amazing work and we'll show some of his favorite news photos and share with you what makes news photography work.  Arturo has been at this for several years and we so admire his "eye".  It's a visual thing.  Insight on Business with Michael Libbie is live at Noon Central - Monday - Thursday here at Webcast One LIVE.  Join us?

Speaking of the Des Moines Register - They have grown up.  If you've not been to their site recently...go.  Clean lines, lots of white space.  What once looked like a classified newspaper page now is easy to read and navigate.  Congratulations Gannett...nice move.

This week the trial of Wendy Weiner Runge begins and it will be something to watch.  Wendy, an Omaha native, is accused of takingWendy Runge  $1.85 million in tax credits from the wildly understaffed Iowa Film Office.  On one hand it's a complicated story...on the other it's pretty simple.  I've visited, at length, with Wendy over the past few months.  I am sure, once people hear the entire story, they will see what a botched system Iowa had in place and she will be found innocent.  There are loads of very important people who approved contracts, encouraged contracts and have since lost their jobs...that's going to be the interesting story...isn't it Mr. TramontinaHere's the latest story by Lee Rood.

Meanwhile the idea of a Public/Private agency Governor Terry Branstad would like to see take over the Iowa Department of Economic Development has run into "struggles" in other states.  Debi Durham, the new director of the soon to be defunct department, says the study by Good Jobs First isn't "...objective nor comprehensive."  What do you think?

President Reagan Finally it's the 100th birthday of President Ronald Reagan.  I didn't vote for him but did get to visit with him in the Rose Garden.  It was the spring of 1983 I was there with the other state presidents of the United States Jaycees.  (Back when Iowa had 15,000 members)  I was standing near the steps, not paying attention and without fanfare I hear, "Hi, Ron Reagan."  I turned around and the president was next to me.  I shook his hand, muttered something about Iowa and he said, "Broadcasting huh?  I used to work in Des Moines."  Hope he forgave me. 

It's Super Bowl Sunday - Watch the ads...and the game.  Have a Super Sunday and we'll catch you back here tomorrow...with some business.  Thanks for coming by!