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Sunday Morning Coffee - February 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee - February 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee that chance to catch up on some things thatCoffee Cu ps  went on last week and a peek forward into the new.  Not a bunch of business, we'll get back to that tomorrow, this is a conversation between friends at the local cafe.  And, because it's a conversation...let's connect here where you can leave me a comment, on Twitter @MichaelLibbie my personal Facebook Page or shoot me an e-mail.

Valentine's Day - Weekend Edition

When "The Holiday" happens on's not a one day event.  Valentine's Day takes up the entire weekend.   You know I am speaking Couple roses truth here...  Romantic dinners out or at home started for many of us on Friday, rolled through a Saturday "Date Night", more today and then....the Grand Finale - Monday!  This has made several people very happy.  The ladies...and retail centers.  It's been a great way for business to get a handle on first quarter sales.  Sorry...had to get a business note in here.

Which takes us to this story about Boesen the Florist - In a very cool move The Brand Chef, agency of record for Boesen's, launched a smart-phone app that allows customers to log in, order and send flowers in just a few easy steps from your phone.  And...just in time for Valentine's Day.   Here is the story from my friend, Andrew B. Clark...The Brand Chef.  See, we say nice things about others in the marketing/advertising world. Must be the spirit of the holiday...Jasmine_bowl_logo_transparent

Got time for a foodie love story? - This was featured in this mornings Des Moines Register about a man from Africa, his Asian bride and their Des Moines restaurant The Jasmine Bowl.  Very cute...and fun!

Ain't love grand?

Steve Deace Exits 1040 - WHO Radio

Just in time for Valentine's Day, ultra-right-wing (and we're not talking hockey) Steve Deace leaves the ultra-right-wing radio station in Des Steve-deace Moines.  He is next going to lead:   1) The Iowa GOP?  2) The "I Hate Mitt Romney and You Should Too" committee?  3)  The "I Think Michele Bachmann is Hot" committee?  One listener commented on Twitter, "Please bring back the format of Sue and Jerry's Drive Time Des Moines in the afternoon. I'll start listening to you again."  We don't think that will happen.  Who likes "vanilla" when you've experienced a blood lust?   Best of luck Steve, we know you'll do well...and Michele is sorta hot.  Here is the story from our friends at The Bleeding Heartland.

Miss Taylor is TWO!Taylor Birthday 2 Feb 12 2011

It was a house full of folks as friends and family got together, and brought many offerings to the Child of Light.  Our grand-daughter celebrated her second birthday with a fun party.  Her Mom and Dad...rock.  The feature was this cake (and some yummy cookies) from Larita's Cakes & More based out of Fort Dodge.  That woman can bake up some great stuff.  I couldn't find a you've got a Facebook Link.

Speaking of....baked goods closer to Des Moines - I just learned about Melt a Dessert Bar and BakeryGreat looking website...  Go on, have a look...we'll wait!

The Des Moines Home & Garden Show

DSM Home Show It's going on this weekend but, if you follow the news on Twitter, you would not have known it.  I don't understand what people "think" Twitter is.  @DSMHomeShow has had a Twitter account since November of 2009.  They have managed to post a total...TOTAL of NINE updates...NINE!  They have twenty-one followers.  Hell, our parrotKizzy Box   @Kizzy_Bird is more active.  I'll bet, if you ask them, they will say:  "Twitter?  Nah, it doesn't work.Tell that to Melt.  I found them on Twitter, @MeltDessertBar.   GRUMBLE....

Meanwhile, also on Twitter, a good friend wrote about the Des Moines Home Show: "Yeah, but they didn't seem to have anything new or exciting.  It was booths of siding, fences, hot tubs and insulating foam."  But...the folks running the show will...never know.  Weary, I get weary.

Let's  move to something more up-beat...OK?

I heard it yesterday and from an Iowan: "Ethanol?  Don't talk to me about ethanol!  That's the reason our grocery prices are going sky-high because they are using up all the corn."  That's not quite...correct.


Ethanol uses #2 Corn which is NOT used in food production.  Or so the experts tell us.   It is used for cattle feed are DDG's a by-product of ethanol that is protein rich.  The reason beef prices are high is because farmers/ranchers have less cattle on feed.  Hope this helps...and  I know, it's easy to blame something else.  But it's not ethanol. Meanwhile, the price of corn is $7 a bu.  YIKES!!

It's From VermontCabot Cheese

I'm out of Cabot Cheese the Horseradish flavor rocks by the way.  Just sayin' Candace...  Must get back to the Urbandale Hy-Vee for more.

Guess You Heard About Groupon Advertising Pulls

Always a little querky, Groupon let their querk get ahead of their brains when they produced three new ads and aired one during Super Bowl XLV.  Five days later they pulled them from network rotation and issued an applogy.  The ads just didn't work and because they offended so many consumers, no matter the fact they were donating $ to charity, they axed them.  Millions of dollars in production, talent fees, and airing gone.  Sometimes business trys too hard to be...cute.  Here's an example with Elizabeth Hurley no less...


Told ya...

While We're On Bad Advertising Examples

Caught this story in the Des Moines Register about how schools are now advertising for...students.   That's right.  If you click the link to read you'll see that some schools are spending $15,000 in advertising in other districts.  Also...take a moment to click on the video.  Once again...if business (and schools are) serious about looking a professional.  Nope, I can't teach French...but you can't create a quality video either.  Tip #1:  Never wear a striped shirt in video and Tip #2 Short, high quality is better than twelve minutes...  Yikes!

Am I grumpy this morning?  Shouldn't be...  It is Valentine's Day Weekend!Flo IA Power Farming

Which also means I must now go tend to my lovely bride, the woman of my dreams, the idol of our home...  The very talented @GeorgieGurl who deserves far better than me.   Far better...  Have a great Valentine's Day Weekend!!!

OK..need to push this out...NOW.  I played last night rather than work on Sunday Morning Coffee....sorry for it being late getting to you.

BTW - Tomorrow on the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, part of Webcast One LIVE, we're talking with the folks from Urban 515.  We're live at Noon Central...or archived for anytime you want to watch or listen.  Have a great Sunday....