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Sunday Morning Coffee - February 27, 2011

We'll get back to the business of advertising and marketing tomorrow.Coffee Cu ps   Today, let's share some Sunday Morning Coffee.  Our time together looking at the events of the past week along with a peek into the next.  We'll offer up some news, politics, know...the stuff we would talk about over coffee.  If you would like to keep the conversation going leave a comment below, send me an e-mail or join me on Twitter or Facebook.  Ready?  Let's go!

Wisconsin Comes to Iowa

Seems like 61% of Iowans think Union Members should pay something toward their health insurance.  Meanwhile 61% of Americans think  government should not stop collective bargaining for public employees.  Here is a quick peek at the We Are One rally held in Des Moines this past week. 


So, what do you think?  Here are two threads:  The Des Moines Register Poll and an article from Bleeding Heartland.  Enjoy...and let me know?

Could This Be Why?

Anti Union Sign I've been struggling with the fact that many Iowans (and others) think unions are evil.  These people have never been union members, have never worked in a union shop, haven't even been in a trade that has a union and are solid "middle class".  But, still they hate unions.  Then, this morning, this study by the Des Moines Register comes out:  "Iowa's Shrinking Paycheck:  Real Wages See Biggest Drop in 25 Years"I think I've found the answer.  That and the fact that every time you turn on a radio some windbag is telling the world unions are...bad.  Combine the two?

Charlie Sheen and UsKacey Jordan

It makes me crazy, our fascination with Mr. Scheen his "babes" and his recent melt-down.  Even Michael Medved devoted an entire hour to the subject this past Friday.   Why?  Why do you care?  So is it voyurism or just plan..."Gosh, I wonder what it would be like flying all over the country with two smoooookin' hot babes!"  Thanks Charlie for that quote.  In the of Mr. Sheen's "smoooookin' hot babes".

Networking is a Waste of Time

Unless you act.  I, and no doubt you, have been to dozens of "networking events" over the past year and I have exchanged hundreds of business cards with people.  While I usually make a contact after the event, either by mention in one of our articles or by e-mail or by DomoniqueSimone many folks don't.  You've got to follow up and make contact.  Take a lesson from our friend Charlie.  HE follows up...and gets...

I know, tacky for a Sunday Morning.  Hey, I'm going for ratings.

Gas Prices & The Economy

My Chicago friend Stuart Soifer sent me an article from The Chicago Tribune about how each penny increase in the price of gasoline impacts the economy.  Meanwhile Terry "Governor for Life" Branstad would like to increase the Iowa Tax on gasoline.  Now there is a brilliant idea as we go about the task of increasing jobs in the state.  Here is what Stuart sent me.

It's Not About Jobs - It's Social Issues

Months ago, right after the election, we suggested that Governor Terry Branstad was going to have more "issues" with members of his own party than with the Democrats.  (And...taking a look at the host ofGay  "wing-nut" bills coming from the GOP controlled Iowa House we were...right, again.)  Governor Branstad, during the campaign, didn't have much to say about social issues and focused more on the economy and jobs.  This session has been all about social issue bills members are proposing, that don't have a snowballs chance in hell.  Why?  So they can go back to the Tea Party folks who helped get them elected and say, "See...I tried!"   Meanwhile here is an Iowa Poll about how Iowans are not giving Governor Branstad a "Honeymoon".  It's from the Des Moines Register.

Steve Deace to Campaign for....

It's going to happen...we just don't know for what office.  Ultra-Right Steve-deace Wing 1040 WHO-Radio talk show host Steve Deace stepped down from his radio pulpit this month with an eye toward an elective office.  He will have the adoration of the "religious right" but don't look for much love from the "Bob Ray Republicans".  Deace loathes them.  Might he try to take on Representative Leonard Boswell in 2012 or aim for the Governorship?  (He dislikes Terry Branstad almost as much as Bob Ray.)  Or...maybe just Grand Wizard?  It will be fun.  He's got a non-compete from Clear Channel for six months.  But...we expect him to surface soon...and in some interesting places.

So, How Them Google Key Words Workin' For Ya?

We're always looking for businesses that we might be able to help market more effectively.  Last month I met a young man who is the Marketing Manager of a company based in Iowa.  We had a brief discussion about the economy, the company he represents and marketing.  As promised I sent him a follow up note several days later (see above about networking...I learned from Charlie.) to open up aOops  dialoge.  He wrote back telling me they spend most of their marketing dollars on "Google Key Words" pushing their website.  (Red Flag).  So I went "looking" for them.  Punching up as many words that match their business as possible.  Nothing.  Then I tried their company name and BINGO!  I found a hit!   Except it was in Texas...not Iowa. was not their company.  Weary kids...I get weary.

Meanwhile There Is This:

I know, I said "no business" but I've seen vehicle several times over the past few months and wanted to show you.  But, jumping out of my car to snap a photo or record video would not have been safe.   I think it's kinda neat.  


Not Sure What To Think...

This week CityView, a local free paper, published their Best Of edition.  You know:  "The Best Foot Massage in Des Moines...", "The Best Cheeseburger in Des Moines...".  It's a brilliant move on the part of the paper as "The Best Of Businesses" rush to place advertising in this edition.  Brilliant.  Anyway, and this is what is troubling,readers selected Hy-Vee, a regional grocery store chain, for "The Best Chinese Food in Des Moines". I like Hy-Vee but...really?  For the love of not spread this around.  Folks in New York and California will be convinced we are a bunch of rubes.

It Will Come Back...Honest

This past week I was working on some video for a client, Mark Main at Main Construction and ran across this:


Gosh, remember when it was...warm?  Nice houses huh?

That's it kids...gotta push this out before my friend Jeff Bratz starts whining on Facebook that I'm late. 

Tomorrow, at noon, in the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business with Michael Libbie - seen live or in archive form at Webcast One Live we'll have some folks in to talk about the Maplenol Dairy Barn and why they think it's worth saving...while the City of West Des Moines and the West Des Moines School Board think it should be torn down.  It's been an interesting public relations issue that has divided the town...come on by to learn more.  Noon tomorow.

Have a great day...enjoy your Sunday! - Michael