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Have YOU Looked Lately?

Yesterday I received a note from a former client.  Former because theyMan Funny keyboard  figured they could do what we do...and not pay an advertising agency to help them navigate their marketing and advertising. 

That was two years ago.

The note I received yesterday was a request to change some items on their Website.  Even though THEY have full ability to manage their content to make changes.  I'd not been on their site for some time...but I should have.

The content was two years old!  The address was no longer correct, the contact information didn't work, several pages went to a "dead end" and the latest press release was something we wrote just before they left our agency to, "Handle things ourselves."  It was a mess.

I called them back and relayed the information and they were...shocked.  Shocked?

Two things: 1)  YOU need to review your website on a regular basis.  You need to update the information if you can.  You need to make sure there are timely pieces of information.  "Handling things yourself." Means...doing it.  2)  Know your limitations.  If you build or sell the best damn "Self Weasel Winding Torque Inducer" on the planet, focus on that...know your strengths.  And...respect the craft of others.

A website is not a static's something that should and must change...often.

Welcome back...we've missed you.




Sunday Morning Coffee - March 27, 2011

Grab a cup and let's visit about some of the things swirling around theCoffee Cu ps  coffee shop table.  We'll get back to the business of business tomorrow but for now, let's visit.  And, because it's a conversation, feel free to leave me a comment below, send me an e-mail, a Tweet @MichaelLibbie or come by my personal Facebook Page Thingy...  Ready?

Birthers Unite!

Bachmann At the end of the week CNN reported Michele "The Hottie from Minnesota" Bachmann, will form a presidential exploratory committee.  Rushing to her side is our own state senator Kent "Burn the House Down" Sorenson who earlier in the month introduced a bill to mandate anyone seeking public office must release their birth certificate.  The "Birther Bill" already died in the Iowa Legislature.  However...we're looking forward to seeing much more of Michele.  Not only is she cute...easy boys...she's fun to listen to.  From the Boston

Libya & UsRed MandM

I dunno...  Really.  I supported President Bush when we went into Iraq. After all, we were fighting for the very survival of the Western World.  When it became clear that Sadam didn't have weapons of mass distruction or all of the Red M&M's...I cooled my love of war.  When we took over from the Soviet Union in Gaddafi Afghanistan, in our attempt to root out evil, I was OK with that.  As long as we didn't touch the poppy fields that supply the overwhelming majority of heroin.'s jobs!  Now we're fighting a man who wears pajamas to state meetings as if he were the brother of Hugh Hefner.  For that transgression...he must go!  Oh, and Europe needs the oil.  I dunno...just dunno.  You?

5,000 Feather Pickers Needed!

Speaking of jobs.  The Iowa Legislature passed, and Governor "For LifeJOBS "Branstad will sign, the Dove Hunting Bill...that really was the "Raccoon Hunting Bill" (It's complicated...but here is the story from Blog for Iowa.)  It really is a jobs we're told.  It's economic's great!  Note to my unemployed friends who will lose their benefits this month due to the inaction of the Iowa House and my BFF Chris "Let Them Eat Cake"Hagenow:  If you don't want to pick feathers...there might be a future in dental labs:  Shotgun pellets = Dead Doves = Dove Stew = Broken Teeth.  See... it IS a jobs bill.  Here is my friend Des Moines attorney and outdoors-man Ron "If they Fly they Die" Kuntz from a recent taping of Insight on Business News Hour on why Iowa needs to hunt doves.


Jobs...and for the kids!

Tornadoes on Tuesday - Winter on Wednesday

Here, it's about the excitement and the unknown.  Tornadoes touched down in a number of rural areas this past week...and then the snow came.  Some suggest the weather patterns have something to do with the "End of Days".  I think it's...Iowa.

Earth Hour Earth Hour

This weekend thousands of cities around the world turned off the lights for an hour.  Scotland went dark, famous monuments went dark, the White House wait...all in an effort to make a statement about global climate change.  Here in Des Moines (see above) we were ahead of the game and our lights were out for THREE HOURS!  Beat that Brazil.  Here is the story from our friends at CBCNews. Victorias-secret-angels

Ever Hear of "The Wings of Love"?

Me first thought went directly to the Victoria's Secret Angels bit...which captured my interest.  Turns out...Not itThe Wings of Love is a Kansas City based mission dealing with faith and the rain forest.  I dunno either...but here is founder Yvonne Patterson telling us more.


Very nice.

Establish World Peace Through - Gardening?

Weed Out Hate When I first heard about this...  Well you know the cynic I am.  However, after visiting with Marc Daniels and international journalist Ulrich Sahm, who is based in Israel, I wonder.  Marc and Ulrich were featured this past week on the Insight on Business News Hour where we learned more about the cause and hope to get President and Mrs. Obama involved.  Marc Daniels has traveled the world sharing with people his dream of getting children to "Weed Out Hate" by pulling a weed and then planting "Seeds of Peace".  Marc would like you to "Like" his Facebook Page - Weed Out Hate.  We think it's a cool idea.  If you want to see/listen the the interview, here is that link.

Buy Local - Buy Into DSM DailyDSM Daily Logo

Those of you who follow the News Hour as well as these posts know we don't care much for GroupOn.  We don't like the marketing, we don't think it's a smart deal for business to always be seen as the low cost deal...but, it works.  One of the other issues is it's not local.  We recently did a story on Urban 515 which is a reward program with an interesting marketing twist.  On Friday I met with Jeremiah Terhark of  We like the local idea.  In the few short months since sharing the idea, not yet launched, has a significant number of DSM Daily Truck consumers...waiting.  What we liked about the model is the lower cost to the business people taking part and the very local feel.  Jeremiah tells me that he thinks there are enough local businesses who will partner with him to make it a success in the Des Moines Metro Market.  Look for loads of local promotional events all designed to drive more consumers to register on the site.  Wanna be one of the first?

Damn Unions!!!

Talking about money this has got to stop!.  "The unions in this country are damaging everything with their greedy and un-American activities!" Sean, you are so right.  Unions are outdated and they are taking money out of the pockets of the middle class.  Why, just last week I read where  a giant union made over $14 billion and paid zero in taxes!  ZERO, and for the second year in a row!  Then, they got back over $3 in tax benefits!  General Electric is a union...right?   Oops...never mind.  Move along, nothing to see here.


Coffee-mate I know, sorry for that.  Making money and passing the burden on is the American Way.  But, you gotta wonder...  But, that kind of stuff is way over our collective heads.  Let's worry about the real world.  Like this:  The coffee creamer that I bought on sale last year for $1.98 at my local Hy-Vee store is now on sale for $2.50.  Damn unions!


Living The Life in WashingtonGadsbys Tavern

I heard from my friend Jay Byers who is the Senior VP of Government Relations and Public Policy with the Des Moines Partnership (Chamber of Commerce).  Looks like theDes Moines / District of Columbia Affiliate Night will be held at Gadsby's Tavernwhich opened in 1749.  Famous visitors would include Washington, Jefferson...and Michele Bachmann?  Woo...Woo!! 

"We've got many customers that don't have Internet."

My Panera I was in a Panera Bread last week visiting with my friend Bill Wells from WHO-Radio about...old radio stories and bosses when I noticed this kisok.  I asked Mark Davis who is a Certified Panera Trainer (who knew?) what it was for. "It's for our 'My Panera" reward card.  We've got lots of older customers that don't use the Internet at home so they come here and update their card."  Mark says the system is two months old (where have I been?) and it gets lots of use.  Now if they would let grandmother use it a flight to Miami...Melt_logo

That's it...  Grab your smokes and get on with the day.  Tomorrow is the Metro Monday Edition of the Insight on Business News Hour.  We'll cover some local marketing/business stories and our special guest is Danny Duff of Melt Dessert Bar and Bakery.  I'm really interested in his story...and we think he's onto something.  Or maybe it's just the logo?   That's tomorrow, Noon Central at  Have a great Sunday!







8 out of 10 Consumers Ignore You...

While doing some work for the Insight on Business News Hour I stumbled on a story quoting Tim Suther the chief marketing officer ofWoman Ignore  Acxiom, the world's largest processor of consumer data.  He says consumers have grown weary of traditional marketing and advertising.  So weary that much of what you, as a business, throw at them they...ignore.  In fact he says major brands waste $112 billion each year by not engaging in "Smart Marketing."

Here is the story from Wharton you know I'm not making this up.

IF this is true it is a mighty indictment of traditional advertising and marketing.  So, let's for a moment, give it credit and talk about how to fix what is wrong with spending so much and getting so little in return.

Know Thy Consumer

Woman Shopper "Smart Marketing" is knowing who your consumer is, what they want, when they want it and being able to communicate with them where they live.  Sounds easy enough right?  But it takes work.  It takes more than buying into some media sales person telling you they have more 25 to 49 year old men and women than the next guy.  It takes more than throwing together a print ad and buying space.

Smart Marketing is all about the tough job of research, about communicating with customers and about listening to the trends.  For example, we once had a client who was convinced that the majority of their customers were men.  When we looked at national data and on-line buying trends of their product...we found out quickly that women, and more directly mom's with small children and pets were their prime demographic.  That information, and follow up focus groups, shifted the marketing and advertising dollars and sales went up dramatically.

Here is another example:  Let's say 40% of your product sales happen on-line but you are only allocating 10% of your marketing budget in that direction.  Make sense?  When you add in the fact that on-line sales will increase by 20% this year...what are you doing?  Wasting...resources.

A couple of quick points of how to get started in Smart Marketing:

  • Realize the Power of Consumer to Consumer Marketing - We once called this "Word of Mouth".  And now with the advent of social networking you can increase peer to peer marketing well beyond the barriers of time and space.
  • Consumers Elect to Use or Not Use Your Product or Service - A great political reference from the article.  You need to campaign daily and across the channels where your consumers live and work.
  • Talk to Your Customer - Listen...really listen to what they are saying.  Those that come into your store...and those you have never met.  Use the tools available to tap into the conversation and find out what they want and need.
  • Engage Them - On Their Turf - Would you try to sell dog food to horse owners?  YES!  If you knew that people that own horses tend to own, more dogs than those who don't.  Look for the obvious and the not so obvious and be there.
  • Build Your Tribe- If you make friends...your friends will campaign for you.  Ask any politician.  Ask...Apple.  Make a friend out of your customer and they will help carry the message.

Thanks for coming by...if you want to carry on the conversation leave a comment here, send me an e-mail or follow us on Twitter @MichaelLibbie (business & personal) or @InsightADV (business





Be A Better Twitter Host

The other day I was invited to take part in a #Hashtag Twitter EventFor those of you now wondering "What the heck?" a "Hashtag" # is used to track conversations people have on a particular subject or an event.Twitter-bird

For example, if there is a hashtag for the Iowa State Fair it might be #ISF2011.  People place that "code" in their Tweets and then folks can follow the conversation simply by refreshing a search on that hashtag.


For the business world it works the same way.  For example each Tuesday evening many of us follow #AgChat where a group of people interested in marketing agricultural products and services meet to discuss ideas.  It's well run and a great way to make friends and learn trade ideas.

So, how about some tips when holding a#Hashtag Event?

  • Have a Moderator - Somebody to keep the discussion on track.  It helps the flow of information and conversation.
  • Welcome New People - When somebody joins the event ask them to just introduce themselves.  It's not only polite but gives others an idea of who they are visiting with.
  • Engage New People- Kind of like hosting a party.  If the newbie askes a question, try to answer.
  • Consider Having Structured Topics- #AgChat does this well.   Several days before the event the moderator selects a topic and calls for questions from the group.  They whittle down to a manageable number and start with Q-1, state the question and everybody is on board.
  • Time limits - If the event lasts an hour maybe six questions are enough and each gets input for ten minutes.  Moves things along and people are less likely to wander.

Now, if your Hashtag Event is social...much of this gets thrown out...but if you're using it to learn and share business ideas...get some structure.  It helps.




Sunday Morning Coffee - March 20, 2011

Let's have a look at the past week and take a peek into next...sort of likeCoffee Cu ps  sitting down with friends over a hot cup of coffee and talking about "stuff".  We'll get back to business tomorrow...but for now...the coffee is served.

If there wasn't bad news...

From the happenings in Japan to what's going on in Libya, it's been an unsettling week.  Last week also saw ongoing protests in Wisconsin and Michigan and...Iowa.  There is no lack of news but I'm always in wonder at how many folks just tune it out.  The other day I bought a bottle of water and said to the "30 something" cashier, "I haven't seen the news over the past couple of hours.  What's going on in Japan?"  He said, "I don't watch, read or listen to the news...too depressing."  I didn't ask about his career path.

MPL Panera March 2011 Speaking of Career Paths....

This morning I needed to finish Sunday Morning Coffee but the thunderstorm we had in Des Moines cut our Internet.  YIKES!!!!!  what to do?  Head to Panera Bread on 86th in Urbandale.  Just a few blocks away...and we're live.   The career part?  Feeling like a freelancer who has an office at the bakery. Not that there is anything wrong with that... 

Worst Public Relations Move of the Year -Agriculture

This week the Iowa House moved forward with the passage of a bill designed to level criminal penalties on those who disclose criminal activity.  The bill, which is going to pass the Senate and be signed by Governor Branstad, makes it aPig  crime to go onto a farm, take pictures or video to expose cruelty issues among livestock.  It is the most bone-headed public relations mistake I've seen in years.  Rather than deal with the issues Iowa Lawmakers seek to keep things secret.  Out of sight out of mind.  Meanwhile the anti-animal agriculture public win by saying, "See they MUST be hiding something."  Dumb...really dumb.  But, then again, it's been a pattern of "dumb" and "silly" all session long.  Speeking of dumb but not too silly...

Kraig Paulsen Thompson "We Didn't Qualify"

Last week I asked the Iowa House Majority Leader, Kraig Paulsen (photo)why the House failed to pass the unemployment extension measure sent to them by the Iowa Senate on March 1.  He wrote a terse three word reply, "We didn't qualify."  So, I must then assume that the Iowa Senate, led by Majority Leader Michael Gronstal, acted fraudulently. Or the House, with my new BFF Chris Hagenow (he's my representative...for a bit) simply failed to meet the March 10th deadline and decided to tell over 7,000 Iowans to..."Suck it up!" That's would be another terse three word sentence.

It's Purim Today

The holiday started last night with great parties, story telling and a review of the Megillah.  You know, "The Whole Megillah".  You can find the story of Purim, which means "lots" in the Book of Esther.  Neat story.  This video is also very cool...


Israel is such a beautiful country.  Someday...again!

Aaron is Thirty-OneAaron Cooking burgers Moms

Partly personal:  Our son, Aaron Libbie, turned thirty-one yesterday.  If you're thirty-one this doesn't mean much...but if you are a parent of a "child" who is now past the age of get it.  Just like our parents said, "I can't believe how fast the time has gone!"  What goes around...  Love you son.

Spring & Home & Garden

It's Spring...and oh how we've missed you!  I tell folks that I've been cold since October.  With the Suzi McCoy rain and the warmer weather comes thoughts of working on the house and garden.  Last week we had Suzi McCoy with us for the Insight on Business News Hour.  Suzi heads up the Garden Media Group and she knows her stuff. People from all over the country...and other countries...tuned in to listen to her talk about the multi-billion dollar industry of lawn and garden care.  We also gave retail folks some tips on how to maximize their sales potentialHere is the link to the show from Webcast One LIVE complete with links...we had Suzi for the full hour.  Good stuff.

Speaking of Spring Home and Garden

There is a home and garden show going oSpotGone Bag n today here in Des Moines at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  We're headed out in a bit to see our friends from NatraTurf and Hy-Vee.  Interested in moving away from chemical treatment of your lawn and garden?  If you head out there visit with Jon or Brian...and make sure you ask about SpotGone! - Got yellow spots in your lawn from dog urine?  Not any longer....  Maybe we'll see you there.

Renda Lutz & Twistival Tomorrow

Renda Our guest for Insight on Business News Hour with Michael Libbie is our friend Renda Lutz who is representing Twistival.  HUH?  Me too.  Renda is fun, engaging and easy to be with.  Join us for that and some of the local business stories during the Metro Monday Edition of Insight on Business.

That's it!  Need to vacate Panera and head to the house.  See if the sump pumps are still working.  If you have a comment leave one below, head to Twitter @MichaelLibbie or drop me an e-mail.  Have a great Sunday and we'll get back to business tomorrow.  Thanks for coming by.






Pay As You Go - Customer Service

Many of us, have simply come to expect poor customer service as theWoman Pulling Hair  "new norm".  My friend Tom Vander Well for IowaBiz writes that "Businesses are beginning to acknowledge that there is a cost associated with providing good service."  And, "...(some) are now asking customers (who are interested in receiving good customer service) to pay for it separately."  He goes on to cite several examples such as the airline industry and tech support.

The post ends with a question:  "Should the customer have to pay?"

We already do.

Old Truck Market We pay extra when we leave places like Wal-Mart and choose to shop at locally owned stores like the shops that dot the East Village.  We pay extra when shopping at a local food store because they know and recognize us.  We pay extra when we head to the Farmer's Market to buy products directly from the producer...who also knows us.  We pay extra when we join a CSA for fresh food.  We pay extra when we shop at Von Maur...and pay no interest on our credit cards.  But...the quality is top notch.

Who is really "paying" in all of this are the people who continue to shop at places where they don't care...just don't care.  And, one by one people are realizing that if you don't care for me...I don't care how low your prices are.

Now the question a





Who Is Watching & Who Isn't?

Once upon a time television aimed at the coveted 18 - 49 year old's changing and with the change comes the question, "Who is watching your business television commercials and who...isn't?"

That coveted 18 - 49 year old demographic is changing as BabyWatching TV man woman  Boomers age.  Why?  Because people 47 - 65 (Boomer Range) control over 1/2 of the national spending.  These are no longer your grandparents.   Last year NBC Universal conducted a study of so-called Alpha Boomers, who are in the 55 - 64 age range and found them willing to change brands, spend on technology, use social networking sites and purchase online.  They spend $1.8 trillion annually on food, cars, personal care and other products.

And...they watch television

Boomers watch an average of 5.5 hours of TV while the national average is 4.5 hours...  Now you know why we're seeing folks like Tom Selleck, Kathy Bates and Steven Tyler take lead roles on highly rated programs.

So...let's focus on you.  What are you selling, where are you placing your advertising dollars?  If you've got TV in the you now re-think?

Thanks for reading...and let's carry on the conversation on Twitter it's @MichaelLibbie our agency Facebook Page is right here.  You can call or shoot me a message, leave a comment here or watch our Monday - Thursday (noon central) news hour - Insight on Business with Michael Libbie here at Webcast One LIVE...  Lots of ways to connect.




Sunday Morning Coffee - March 13, 2011

We'll get back to business tomorrow with the Insight on Business News Hour but for now...let's visit about some of the things that went on lastCoffee Cu ps  week...and take a peek into next.  Sort of like folks having a conversation at the coffee shop.   And, because it's that, you can leave a comment here, send me an e-mail, connect on Twitter...hey, I've even got one of those Facebook Thingys....  Let's go...

Chrysler Motors and the "F-Bomb"

By know you've heard about the Twitter post made by an employee of New Media Strategies, an Arlington, VA based media and public relations firm.  The post, "I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the Chrysler Imported from Detroit#motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f***ing drive."   

That, of course, got the employee fired and hours later Chrysler fired New Media Strategies.  Lesson:  This world social/new media is a fantastic way to connect with friends, customers, news...  It can also (just like food, wine or fast cars) be deadly to you, your business and career.  Why Chrysler outsourced their social media is a mystery to me...but then it takes "work" and an understanding of what this is...and how to use it.  The learning curve can be steep.  Now the "non-believers" will use this to dissuade the use of social media for their business...

There Are No Words...Well, Maybe One - "Cake"Cake

What has been going on in Wisconsin and in Iowa as legislators focus on class warfare is troubling.  You all know the Wisconsin story.  Here in Iowa, House Republicans fiddled with worry about who is sleeping with who, allowing everybody the opportunity to carry a firearm and taking away bargaining rights by unions to care if unemployed Iowans might have their benefits extended.  Iowa missed the deadline to receive $14.5 million in federal unemployment dollars.  The Iowa Senate passed the extension on March 1 and urged the Republican controlled House to move quickly.  The GOP fiddled until AFTER Iowa no longer qualified.  No budget issue for Iowa...but a severe budget issue for those 7,150 people who will now lose their benefit extension.  Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.  Dear Chris Hagenow - Let them eat...cake?

I Met a Genius & I Like Him

If you read my posts you know how frustrated I've been with Research In Motion (reverse), my Blackberry (door-stop) and Verizon ("Gosh, it shouldn't do that.")  I've wrestled with them for months as my BB gasped for it's last breath.  Thursday I went to Verizon, purchased the new iPhone.  Then something interesting happened.  "Jeff" the "Verizon Guy" said, "You're set, if you have any issues just take this to the Apple Store and they will help."  Me - "You mean I don't have to come back here?"  Jeff - "You can if you want...but Apple handles all repairs and iPhone issues.  Sure enough five hours later I can't send an e-mail, use the Apple GeniusiPhone browser or sync my calendar.  With great fear I head to Apple...greeting me was a line of well over 100 people.  Wouldn't you know it...I'm there at the hour the new iPad2 is being released.  I go to the front of the line, explain my issue with my 25 hour old iPhone and Chris a "Genius" (says so right on his name badge) sits down with the isle of Jordan Creek Mall and works through ALL the issues in twenty-minutes.  Wait!  No, "Gee, it shouldn't do that."?  FIXED and at the end, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"  I look at the 100 yard long line of people waiting to get in the store and realize why they are all there:  Product & Service.  I'll keep you posted.

Funding for Public Television & Radio

This week Iowa Public Television is holding their fund raising effort and we contributed.  It's the first time we've done so even though we'veIptv  watched IPTV for years.  Why?  We were asked and because there is a threat of de-funding public radio and television we thought it the smart thing to do.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for public communication move forward without government funding?  I've not made up my mind...yet.  We'll see. Got input?

Speaking of Public Funding

Maybe now is the time the United States government should start funding federal elections.  I like the Austrian model my friend Michael Leo tells me about.  Each candidate gets $25,000 from the government to run his/her campaign. That's it.  No special interest dollars, no corporate  Uhm...candidates speak to the issues not the camera.  What do you think?

And Now Something Completely Different

Over the past year I've made it a practice to take my Flip Video Camera nearly everywhere.  I use it for the Insight on Business News Hour, to record events for clients and gather ideas for the agency.  Here are some very SHORT clips...just for fun.


Education Reform

Last week, during the Insight on Business News Hour, I interviewed Jason Glass the new Director for the Iowa Department of EducationHere is that interview, his segment begins at the 16-minute mark...go ahead and fast forward if you wish.  Our daughter, Mandi (a math and science teacher who took a leave after just 2 years in the Des Moines Public School System because of stress with parents and administration) watched and said, "I really like what I am hearing..."  Hmmmm...  Go ahead check it out...we'll wait.

Ashford University - Hear About This One?Teen Laptop

I really need to quit reading the news.  I should eat my Chris Hagenow Cake, become fat and happy and not get excited about what is being exposed.  However.  Allow me to direct your attention to this article from our friends at Bleeding Heartland about Ashford University...a private college based in Clinton, Iowa where 60% - 70% of the students drop out but are left with huge loans.  It is the child of Bridgepoint Education and has some interesting ties.  Wanna talk about spending and accountability in education?  Go will make you crazy(er).

Let's Move On to Marilyn Monroe

Monroe She is still HOT nearly fifty years after her death.  I thought you might find this article from our friends at CNN a welcome break...  See, even I can have a lighter side.

Coming up tomorrow it's the Metro Monday Edition of the Insight on Business News Hour part of Webcast One LIVE.  In studio will be our guest, Scott Cooper a real live small business person who owns On the Spot.  We'll visit with him about marketing a small business...what works and what doesn't.  Scott Cooper, local & regional business stories, the stocks and more at Noon Central here at Webcast One LIVE

That's it...I're excited now.  As always, this is a conversation and I'm willing to engage.  Leave me a message here, send me an e-mail, head to Twitter, come by Facebook...  Take a break from your cake and let's talk...

Have a fantastic Sunday!








Education and Business - Jason Glass

I don't often post stories from Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, part of Webcast One LIVE.  However this show is critical for those of you interested in education, what business is seeking, and what "reform"Jason-glass-clr  may look like.

The show is from March 8, 2011 and it features Jason Glass, the young incoming director for the Iowa Department of Education.  Iowa Governor Terry Branstad calls him " energetic reformer and a change agent." which, in the minds of many is very scary.  We found him to be bright, savvy, and very passionate about new directions in education.

So, why am I pointing  you to this?  Because we are all invested.  It doesn't matter if you have kids in a school or not.  The kids that are in our public schools grow up and enter the business world.  How well prepared will they be in the 21st Century and what is business demanding?

Here is the complete show.  Our interview with Jason Glass begins at the 17-minute point.  You can fast forward to that or wait the fifty-four seconds for the start of the show.  Links are below.


If you would like to carry on the conversation you can leave a comment here, reach me through Twitter - @MichaelLibbie, shoot me an e-mail, pick up the phone, join us on our agency Facebook Page...   For Jason Glass it's @JasonGlassIA on Twitter.  Thanks for coming by.



Sunday Morning Coffee - March 6, 2011

We'll get back to business it's a chat between friendsCoffee Cu ps  over Sunday Morning Coffee.  A great time to catch up and visit about the things from the past week and take a peek into next.  And, because it's a conversation leave me a comment below, send me an e-mail, follow on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie or pick up the phone.  Grab a cup...let's go.

Did You Hear About Voter ID Fail?

Iowa Secretary of State, Matt Schultz made a big campaign issue about the importance of having government papers to prove you are who you say you are when you vote.  As you all know voter fraud is rampant here in Iowa.  Some of us vote five or six times, a day, under Secretary White assumed names. (I use Raul Gomez...often.)  *sigh* Anyway, Charlie White the new Republican Secretary of State for Indiana (where voters must show a Voter ID) was arrested this past week.  Seems he is who he says he is but looks like he doesn't live where he said he lives...  Something about getting a check for his work on a City Council.  We don't know if Secretary White showed his voter ID in May...even if he did...might it have been caught?  Here is the full story, along with the charges from our friends at WTHR TV -13.  White's attorney, James Bopp has an Iowa connection.  Last year he filed a federal lawsuit saying that Iowa's judge selection process violates the equal protection rights.  Here is that story from Bleeding Heartland.

No more politics....OK?

We Speak Fish

This past Thursday during the Insight on Business News Hour we offered up our "Worst Ad of the Week".  Actually it is a new advertising campaign for Long John Silvers called, "We Speak Fish.".  Really?


So if you speak fish what do you say to the little fishes that you snag, hook or net when they plead for their little fish life begging not to have their guts ripped out, rolled in batter and fried in oil all boiling hot?  Just wondering...  Bad...any time you have a 2:22 video to explain a marketing's a sign.

We Like This Better

The National Pork Board has come up with a new slogan to replace "The Other White Meat" that's been around for decades. Actually the Pork Board simply paid loads of money to an advertising agency out of Chicago who then stunned the world with "Be Inspired".  Yep..."Pork - Be Inspired".  Here is the story from our friends at The Des Moines Register.  I'm telling you this advertising agency work is tough...  But,Beefscapes  we do like it much better than that $15 million train wreck the National Cattlemans Beef Association launched back in 2008 called "Beefscapes".  In case you forgot...

Speaking of "Horrible Train Wrecks"

Anybody care, this week, what Charlie Sheen did last week?   Me either.

Social Media Will Never Work

Last week, on the direction of a client, I posted four notes on Twitter and one on Facebook that I was looking for a person to fill the job of a Social Media / Trade Show professional with a 25-year old company based in Iowa.  Within a couple of hours I received the formal applications of a dozen well qualified individuals whom we'll be talking to over the next two weeks.  Seemed to me that if we're looking for somebody in SM...we might want to market to folks already there and whom we know? 

Dress Like Daddy Day

Sailor Dressed as Dad Our grand-daughter Sailor was looking sharp this past week for her school's "Dress Like Daddy Day".  Here she is showing off her outfit.  We're still wondering when Capt. Bodenhausen and the Air Force started wearing huge bows on their head.  Gotta admit it is...stunning.

Boys Will Be Boys...

I see where a couple of Iowa State Cyclone football players were arrested early on Saturday morning.  This Iowa / Iowa State Rivalry is getting out of hand. But, not to worry.  According to this CBS News Report Iowa is still leading the pack and second only to the University of Pittsburgh for the most football players with a criminal record.  Great training for a career in politics huh?  WAIT...I said "no more politics"...sorry.

Research In Motion - Marketing Director

My producer, Maxwell Crabb sent me a note, and this article from MobileBeat,  telling me that Keith Pardy the ChiefRIM Logo  Marketing Officer for RIM - Blackberry - has left his position for personal reasons.  Research in Motion, who's only motion seems to be in reverse, could stand a complete overhaul. They have lost market share in droves, their "smart phones" couldn't get a 10 in an SAT and now this just weeks ahead their PlayBook roll-out.  I have a Curve 8330 that works about 25% of the time.  I've taken it in to Verizon often and they say, "Gosh, it shouldn't do that." and hand me a full page sheet of instructions on how to "clean" my phone.  It goes something like this:

  • Clean the phone often by shaking it violently;
  • Push the "red" button (you know the one that quit working six months ago - "Gosh, it shouldn't do that.") while saying a prayer;
  • Stand in a corner and sing "Oh Canada";
  • Remove the battery, dance the Hokey Pokey, replace the battery
  • Wait five minutes until your gray screen goes blank and repeat often.

I wonder if anybody has sued Verizon or RIM because their stuff doesn't work.  I suspect that multi-page "contract" has something in it that says we can't?

Union Bank & Trust Company - An Update

Union Bank Linclon BuildingMy BFF, Scott Tolle and I had an actual conversation (if you want the back-story here is that link) on the phone. He tells me that the reason our payment to Union Bank & Trust Company is late every month is because Wells Fargo (our local bank) removes the funds from our account on the 11th (two days before the due date) and then cuts a paper check, puts it in the mail which then does not arrive in Lincoln, Nebraska for another seven to eight days.  Really?  We're looking into it but if true...might Wells Fargo be owned by Research in Motion?

Only one political reference this morning!  Jeff Bratz will be so happy.  Thanks for coming by.  Insight on Business News Hour with Michael Libbie kicks off another week of marketing and business news and opinion tomorrow with the Metro Monday Edition.  In studio is our friends from Bindery One a national leader in digital printing and directPedro the Pool Boy Feb 17 2011  mail.  Join us LIVE here at Webcast One LIVE at Noon Central. 

To Matt is a photo of Raul Gomez...just in case we get that voter ID thingy going.

Have a fantastic Sunday!