Sunday Morning Coffee - March 6, 2011
Sunday Morning Coffee - March 13, 2011

Education and Business - Jason Glass

I don't often post stories from Insight on Business with Michael Libbie, part of Webcast One LIVE.  However this show is critical for those of you interested in education, what business is seeking, and what "reform"Jason-glass-clr  may look like.

The show is from March 8, 2011 and it features Jason Glass, the young incoming director for the Iowa Department of Education.  Iowa Governor Terry Branstad calls him " energetic reformer and a change agent." which, in the minds of many is very scary.  We found him to be bright, savvy, and very passionate about new directions in education.

So, why am I pointing  you to this?  Because we are all invested.  It doesn't matter if you have kids in a school or not.  The kids that are in our public schools grow up and enter the business world.  How well prepared will they be in the 21st Century and what is business demanding?

Here is the complete show.  Our interview with Jason Glass begins at the 17-minute point.  You can fast forward to that or wait the fifty-four seconds for the start of the show.  Links are below.


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