Sunday Morning Coffee - March 27, 2011
Video & Bloopers = Being Real

Have YOU Looked Lately?

Yesterday I received a note from a former client.  Former because theyMan Funny keyboard  figured they could do what we do...and not pay an advertising agency to help them navigate their marketing and advertising. 

That was two years ago.

The note I received yesterday was a request to change some items on their Website.  Even though THEY have full ability to manage their content to make changes.  I'd not been on their site for some time...but I should have.

The content was two years old!  The address was no longer correct, the contact information didn't work, several pages went to a "dead end" and the latest press release was something we wrote just before they left our agency to, "Handle things ourselves."  It was a mess.

I called them back and relayed the information and they were...shocked.  Shocked?

Two things: 1)  YOU need to review your website on a regular basis.  You need to update the information if you can.  You need to make sure there are timely pieces of information.  "Handling things yourself." Means...doing it.  2)  Know your limitations.  If you build or sell the best damn "Self Weasel Winding Torque Inducer" on the planet, focus on that...know your strengths.  And...respect the craft of others.

A website is not a static's something that should and must change...often.

Welcome back...we've missed you.