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New Media & The Message

We're fans of Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  Been using them for years...  So when Enterprise started using Twitter @EnterpriseCares we started following them.  Never thinking we'd connect.Enterprise Logo

That changed one day when there was an issue with a rental.  I sent out a Tweet, "We've gotten along so well...don't fail this relationship."  Within twenty minutes I got a response, a direct message and connected by phone with a person who corrected the issue

WOW...think we're fans?

We've been working on getting Andriana D. Thro the Media Manager from Enterprise to talk to us during the Insight on Business News Hour.  We're interested, and I suspect many others would be,to learn more about their social media adventure, what they have learned...the ROI, etc.  We're all hoping for next week.

During a production meeting last week we were sitting around talking about Enterprise when one of our group said, "They may be a neat company but they have got to lose that tired old, paper wrapped car television campaign.  It's just so...dated."  The overall consensus was...yep.  Then we talked about what they might do differently.  Based on our experiences we thought it would be cool if they did more to show to relationship side of their business rather than a paper-wrapped car going up a hill. 

Three days later Enterprise released a series of ads talking about the business through the eyes of the folks that work there and the people who use their service.

Physic I tell you!

Here is the intro piece:


Notice a theme?  It's about people, relationships and the "back-story" of the company.  When we get Andriana on the phone I bet we ask if what they have learned from Social Media...influenced their new marketing campaign.  We bet she says, "Yes."

So, the question to you:  What is your business doing to hyper-listen to your consumers and...armed with that knowledge...would you change up your marketing message?




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