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Sunday Morning Coffee - March 13, 2011

We'll get back to business tomorrow with the Insight on Business News Hour but for now...let's visit about some of the things that went on lastCoffee Cu ps  week...and take a peek into next.  Sort of like folks having a conversation at the coffee shop.   And, because it's that, you can leave a comment here, send me an e-mail, connect on Twitter...hey, I've even got one of those Facebook Thingys....  Let's go...

Chrysler Motors and the "F-Bomb"

By know you've heard about the Twitter post made by an employee of New Media Strategies, an Arlington, VA based media and public relations firm.  The post, "I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the Chrysler Imported from Detroit#motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f***ing drive."   

That, of course, got the employee fired and hours later Chrysler fired New Media Strategies.  Lesson:  This world social/new media is a fantastic way to connect with friends, customers, news...  It can also (just like food, wine or fast cars) be deadly to you, your business and career.  Why Chrysler outsourced their social media is a mystery to me...but then it takes "work" and an understanding of what this is...and how to use it.  The learning curve can be steep.  Now the "non-believers" will use this to dissuade the use of social media for their business...

There Are No Words...Well, Maybe One - "Cake"Cake

What has been going on in Wisconsin and in Iowa as legislators focus on class warfare is troubling.  You all know the Wisconsin story.  Here in Iowa, House Republicans fiddled with worry about who is sleeping with who, allowing everybody the opportunity to carry a firearm and taking away bargaining rights by unions to care if unemployed Iowans might have their benefits extended.  Iowa missed the deadline to receive $14.5 million in federal unemployment dollars.  The Iowa Senate passed the extension on March 1 and urged the Republican controlled House to move quickly.  The GOP fiddled until AFTER Iowa no longer qualified.  No budget issue for Iowa...but a severe budget issue for those 7,150 people who will now lose their benefit extension.  Here is the story from the Des Moines Register.  Dear Chris Hagenow - Let them eat...cake?

I Met a Genius & I Like Him

If you read my posts you know how frustrated I've been with Research In Motion (reverse), my Blackberry (door-stop) and Verizon ("Gosh, it shouldn't do that.")  I've wrestled with them for months as my BB gasped for it's last breath.  Thursday I went to Verizon, purchased the new iPhone.  Then something interesting happened.  "Jeff" the "Verizon Guy" said, "You're set, if you have any issues just take this to the Apple Store and they will help."  Me - "You mean I don't have to come back here?"  Jeff - "You can if you want...but Apple handles all repairs and iPhone issues.  Sure enough five hours later I can't send an e-mail, use the Apple GeniusiPhone browser or sync my calendar.  With great fear I head to Apple...greeting me was a line of well over 100 people.  Wouldn't you know it...I'm there at the hour the new iPad2 is being released.  I go to the front of the line, explain my issue with my 25 hour old iPhone and Chris a "Genius" (says so right on his name badge) sits down with the isle of Jordan Creek Mall and works through ALL the issues in twenty-minutes.  Wait!  No, "Gee, it shouldn't do that."?  FIXED and at the end, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"  I look at the 100 yard long line of people waiting to get in the store and realize why they are all there:  Product & Service.  I'll keep you posted.

Funding for Public Television & Radio

This week Iowa Public Television is holding their fund raising effort and we contributed.  It's the first time we've done so even though we'veIptv  watched IPTV for years.  Why?  We were asked and because there is a threat of de-funding public radio and television we thought it the smart thing to do.  Perhaps this is an opportunity for public communication move forward without government funding?  I've not made up my mind...yet.  We'll see. Got input?

Speaking of Public Funding

Maybe now is the time the United States government should start funding federal elections.  I like the Austrian model my friend Michael Leo tells me about.  Each candidate gets $25,000 from the government to run his/her campaign. That's it.  No special interest dollars, no corporate  Uhm...candidates speak to the issues not the camera.  What do you think?

And Now Something Completely Different

Over the past year I've made it a practice to take my Flip Video Camera nearly everywhere.  I use it for the Insight on Business News Hour, to record events for clients and gather ideas for the agency.  Here are some very SHORT clips...just for fun.


Education Reform

Last week, during the Insight on Business News Hour, I interviewed Jason Glass the new Director for the Iowa Department of EducationHere is that interview, his segment begins at the 16-minute mark...go ahead and fast forward if you wish.  Our daughter, Mandi (a math and science teacher who took a leave after just 2 years in the Des Moines Public School System because of stress with parents and administration) watched and said, "I really like what I am hearing..."  Hmmmm...  Go ahead check it out...we'll wait.

Ashford University - Hear About This One?Teen Laptop

I really need to quit reading the news.  I should eat my Chris Hagenow Cake, become fat and happy and not get excited about what is being exposed.  However.  Allow me to direct your attention to this article from our friends at Bleeding Heartland about Ashford University...a private college based in Clinton, Iowa where 60% - 70% of the students drop out but are left with huge loans.  It is the child of Bridgepoint Education and has some interesting ties.  Wanna talk about spending and accountability in education?  Go will make you crazy(er).

Let's Move On to Marilyn Monroe

Monroe She is still HOT nearly fifty years after her death.  I thought you might find this article from our friends at CNN a welcome break...  See, even I can have a lighter side.

Coming up tomorrow it's the Metro Monday Edition of the Insight on Business News Hour part of Webcast One LIVE.  In studio will be our guest, Scott Cooper a real live small business person who owns On the Spot.  We'll visit with him about marketing a small business...what works and what doesn't.  Scott Cooper, local & regional business stories, the stocks and more at Noon Central here at Webcast One LIVE

That's it...I're excited now.  As always, this is a conversation and I'm willing to engage.  Leave me a message here, send me an e-mail, head to Twitter, come by Facebook...  Take a break from your cake and let's talk...

Have a fantastic Sunday!