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Sunday Morning Coffee - March 27, 2011

Grab a cup and let's visit about some of the things swirling around theCoffee Cu ps  coffee shop table.  We'll get back to the business of business tomorrow but for now, let's visit.  And, because it's a conversation, feel free to leave me a comment below, send me an e-mail, a Tweet @MichaelLibbie or come by my personal Facebook Page Thingy...  Ready?

Birthers Unite!

Bachmann At the end of the week CNN reported Michele "The Hottie from Minnesota" Bachmann, will form a presidential exploratory committee.  Rushing to her side is our own state senator Kent "Burn the House Down" Sorenson who earlier in the month introduced a bill to mandate anyone seeking public office must release their birth certificate.  The "Birther Bill" already died in the Iowa Legislature.  However...we're looking forward to seeing much more of Michele.  Not only is she cute...easy boys...she's fun to listen to.  From the Boston Herald...today.

Libya & UsRed MandM

I dunno...  Really.  I supported President Bush when we went into Iraq. After all, we were fighting for the very survival of the Western World.  When it became clear that Sadam didn't have weapons of mass distruction or all of the Red M&M's...I cooled my love of war.  When we took over from the Soviet Union in Gaddafi Afghanistan, in our attempt to root out evil, I was OK with that.  As long as we didn't touch the poppy fields that supply the overwhelming majority of heroin.  Hey...it's jobs!  Now we're fighting a man who wears pajamas to state meetings as if he were the brother of Hugh Hefner.  For that transgression...he must go!  Oh, and Europe needs the oil.  I dunno...just dunno.  You?

5,000 Feather Pickers Needed!

Speaking of jobs.  The Iowa Legislature passed, and Governor "For LifeJOBS "Branstad will sign, the Dove Hunting Bill...that really was the "Raccoon Hunting Bill" (It's complicated...but here is the story from Blog for Iowa.)  It really is a jobs bill...so we're told.  It's economic recovery...it's great!  Note to my unemployed friends who will lose their benefits this month due to the inaction of the Iowa House and my BFF Chris "Let Them Eat Cake"Hagenow:  If you don't want to pick feathers...there might be a future in dental labs:  Shotgun pellets = Dead Doves = Dove Stew = Broken Teeth.  See... it IS a jobs bill.  Here is my friend Des Moines attorney and outdoors-man Ron "If they Fly they Die" Kuntz from a recent taping of Insight on Business News Hour on why Iowa needs to hunt doves.


Jobs...and for the kids!

Tornadoes on Tuesday - Winter on Wednesday

Here, it's about the excitement and the unknown.  Tornadoes touched down in a number of rural areas this past week...and then the snow came.  Some suggest the weather patterns have something to do with the "End of Days".  I think it's...Iowa.

Earth Hour Earth Hour

This weekend thousands of cities around the world turned off the lights for an hour.  Scotland went dark, famous monuments went dark, the White House went...no wait...all in an effort to make a statement about global climate change.  Here in Des Moines (see above) we were ahead of the game and our lights were out for THREE HOURS!  Beat that Brazil.  Here is the story from our friends at CBCNews. Victorias-secret-angels

Ever Hear of "The Wings of Love"?

Me either...my first thought went directly to the Victoria's Secret Angels bit...which captured my interest.  Turns out...Not itThe Wings of Love is a Kansas City based mission dealing with faith and the rain forest.  I dunno either...but here is founder Yvonne Patterson telling us more.


Very nice.

Establish World Peace Through - Gardening?

Weed Out Hate When I first heard about this...  Well you know the cynic I am.  However, after visiting with Marc Daniels and international journalist Ulrich Sahm, who is based in Israel, I wonder.  Marc and Ulrich were featured this past week on the Insight on Business News Hour where we learned more about the cause and hope to get President and Mrs. Obama involved.  Marc Daniels has traveled the world sharing with people his dream of getting children to "Weed Out Hate" by pulling a weed and then planting "Seeds of Peace".  Marc would like you to "Like" his Facebook Page - Weed Out Hate.  We think it's a cool idea.  If you want to see/listen the the interview, here is that link.

Buy Local - Buy Into DSM DailyDSM Daily Logo

Those of you who follow the News Hour as well as these posts know we don't care much for GroupOn.  We don't like the marketing, we don't think it's a smart deal for business to always be seen as the low cost deal...but, it works.  One of the other issues is it's not local.  We recently did a story on Urban 515 which is a reward program with an interesting marketing twist.  On Friday I met with Jeremiah Terhark of www.DSMDaily.com.  We like the local idea.  In the few short months since sharing the idea, not yet launched, DSMDaily.com has a significant number of DSM Daily Truck consumers...waiting.  What we liked about the model is the lower cost to the business people taking part and the very local feel.  Jeremiah tells me that he thinks there are enough local businesses who will partner with him to make it a success in the Des Moines Metro Market.  Look for loads of local promotional events all designed to drive more consumers to register on the site.  Wanna be one of the first?  www.DSMDaily.com.

Damn Unions!!!

Talking about money this has got to stop!.  "The unions in this country are damaging everything with their greedy and un-American activities!" Sean, you are so right.  Unions are outdated and they are taking money out of the pockets of the middle class.  Why, just last week I read where  a giant union made over $14 billion and paid zero in taxes!  ZERO, and for the second year in a row!  Then, they got back over $3 in tax benefits!  General Electric is a union...right?   Oops...never mind.  Move along, nothing to see here.


Coffee-mate I know, sorry for that.  Making money and passing the burden on is the American Way.  But, you gotta wonder...  But, that kind of stuff is way over our collective heads.  Let's worry about the real world.  Like this:  The coffee creamer that I bought on sale last year for $1.98 at my local Hy-Vee store is now on sale for $2.50.  Damn unions!


Living The Life in WashingtonGadsbys Tavern

I heard from my friend Jay Byers who is the Senior VP of Government Relations and Public Policy with the Des Moines Partnership (Chamber of Commerce).  Looks like theDes Moines / District of Columbia Affiliate Night will be held at Gadsby's Tavernwhich opened in 1749.  Famous visitors would include Washington, Jefferson...and Michele Bachmann?  Woo...Woo!! 

"We've got many customers that don't have Internet."

My Panera I was in a Panera Bread last week visiting with my friend Bill Wells from WHO-Radio about...old radio stories and bosses when I noticed this kisok.  I asked Mark Davis who is a Certified Panera Trainer (who knew?) what it was for. "It's for our 'My Panera" reward card.  We've got lots of older customers that don't use the Internet at home so they come here and update their card."  Mark says the system is two months old (where have I been?) and it gets lots of use.  Now if they would let grandmother use it for...booking a flight to Miami...Melt_logo

That's it...  Grab your smokes and get on with the day.  Tomorrow is the Metro Monday Edition of the Insight on Business News Hour.  We'll cover some local marketing/business stories and our special guest is Danny Duff of Melt Dessert Bar and Bakery.  I'm really interested in his story...and we think he's onto something.  Or maybe it's just the logo?   That's tomorrow, Noon Central at www.WebcastOneLIVE.com.  Have a great Sunday!