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Sunday Morning Coffee - March 6, 2011

We'll get back to business it's a chat between friendsCoffee Cu ps  over Sunday Morning Coffee.  A great time to catch up and visit about the things from the past week and take a peek into next.  And, because it's a conversation leave me a comment below, send me an e-mail, follow on Twitter - @MichaelLibbie or pick up the phone.  Grab a cup...let's go.

Did You Hear About Voter ID Fail?

Iowa Secretary of State, Matt Schultz made a big campaign issue about the importance of having government papers to prove you are who you say you are when you vote.  As you all know voter fraud is rampant here in Iowa.  Some of us vote five or six times, a day, under Secretary White assumed names. (I use Raul Gomez...often.)  *sigh* Anyway, Charlie White the new Republican Secretary of State for Indiana (where voters must show a Voter ID) was arrested this past week.  Seems he is who he says he is but looks like he doesn't live where he said he lives...  Something about getting a check for his work on a City Council.  We don't know if Secretary White showed his voter ID in May...even if he did...might it have been caught?  Here is the full story, along with the charges from our friends at WTHR TV -13.  White's attorney, James Bopp has an Iowa connection.  Last year he filed a federal lawsuit saying that Iowa's judge selection process violates the equal protection rights.  Here is that story from Bleeding Heartland.

No more politics....OK?

We Speak Fish

This past Thursday during the Insight on Business News Hour we offered up our "Worst Ad of the Week".  Actually it is a new advertising campaign for Long John Silvers called, "We Speak Fish.".  Really?


So if you speak fish what do you say to the little fishes that you snag, hook or net when they plead for their little fish life begging not to have their guts ripped out, rolled in batter and fried in oil all boiling hot?  Just wondering...  Bad...any time you have a 2:22 video to explain a marketing's a sign.

We Like This Better

The National Pork Board has come up with a new slogan to replace "The Other White Meat" that's been around for decades. Actually the Pork Board simply paid loads of money to an advertising agency out of Chicago who then stunned the world with "Be Inspired".  Yep..."Pork - Be Inspired".  Here is the story from our friends at The Des Moines Register.  I'm telling you this advertising agency work is tough...  But,Beefscapes  we do like it much better than that $15 million train wreck the National Cattlemans Beef Association launched back in 2008 called "Beefscapes".  In case you forgot...

Speaking of "Horrible Train Wrecks"

Anybody care, this week, what Charlie Sheen did last week?   Me either.

Social Media Will Never Work

Last week, on the direction of a client, I posted four notes on Twitter and one on Facebook that I was looking for a person to fill the job of a Social Media / Trade Show professional with a 25-year old company based in Iowa.  Within a couple of hours I received the formal applications of a dozen well qualified individuals whom we'll be talking to over the next two weeks.  Seemed to me that if we're looking for somebody in SM...we might want to market to folks already there and whom we know? 

Dress Like Daddy Day

Sailor Dressed as Dad Our grand-daughter Sailor was looking sharp this past week for her school's "Dress Like Daddy Day".  Here she is showing off her outfit.  We're still wondering when Capt. Bodenhausen and the Air Force started wearing huge bows on their head.  Gotta admit it is...stunning.

Boys Will Be Boys...

I see where a couple of Iowa State Cyclone football players were arrested early on Saturday morning.  This Iowa / Iowa State Rivalry is getting out of hand. But, not to worry.  According to this CBS News Report Iowa is still leading the pack and second only to the University of Pittsburgh for the most football players with a criminal record.  Great training for a career in politics huh?  WAIT...I said "no more politics"...sorry.

Research In Motion - Marketing Director

My producer, Maxwell Crabb sent me a note, and this article from MobileBeat,  telling me that Keith Pardy the ChiefRIM Logo  Marketing Officer for RIM - Blackberry - has left his position for personal reasons.  Research in Motion, who's only motion seems to be in reverse, could stand a complete overhaul. They have lost market share in droves, their "smart phones" couldn't get a 10 in an SAT and now this just weeks ahead their PlayBook roll-out.  I have a Curve 8330 that works about 25% of the time.  I've taken it in to Verizon often and they say, "Gosh, it shouldn't do that." and hand me a full page sheet of instructions on how to "clean" my phone.  It goes something like this:

  • Clean the phone often by shaking it violently;
  • Push the "red" button (you know the one that quit working six months ago - "Gosh, it shouldn't do that.") while saying a prayer;
  • Stand in a corner and sing "Oh Canada";
  • Remove the battery, dance the Hokey Pokey, replace the battery
  • Wait five minutes until your gray screen goes blank and repeat often.

I wonder if anybody has sued Verizon or RIM because their stuff doesn't work.  I suspect that multi-page "contract" has something in it that says we can't?

Union Bank & Trust Company - An Update

Union Bank Linclon BuildingMy BFF, Scott Tolle and I had an actual conversation (if you want the back-story here is that link) on the phone. He tells me that the reason our payment to Union Bank & Trust Company is late every month is because Wells Fargo (our local bank) removes the funds from our account on the 11th (two days before the due date) and then cuts a paper check, puts it in the mail which then does not arrive in Lincoln, Nebraska for another seven to eight days.  Really?  We're looking into it but if true...might Wells Fargo be owned by Research in Motion?

Only one political reference this morning!  Jeff Bratz will be so happy.  Thanks for coming by.  Insight on Business News Hour with Michael Libbie kicks off another week of marketing and business news and opinion tomorrow with the Metro Monday Edition.  In studio is our friends from Bindery One a national leader in digital printing and directPedro the Pool Boy Feb 17 2011  mail.  Join us LIVE here at Webcast One LIVE at Noon Central. 

To Matt is a photo of Raul Gomez...just in case we get that voter ID thingy going.

Have a fantastic Sunday!