Sunday Morning Coffee - April 24, 2011
Sunday Morning Coffee - May 1, 2011

Four Trade Show Tips

We love helping our clients do a better job during trade shows.  It'sTrade Show crop   exciting to see a real return on investment rather than simply pouring dollars into an event and walking away with very little.   Here are four simple tips you can do at your next event which will bring you rewards and help build relationships with consumers.

  • Approach & Be Approachable - If you can walk outside of your booth it.  Engage people with a smile and direct eye contact.  Say, "Hello."  Act as if the event is the most important thing in your day (because it is) and get attendees to talk.  Say something memorable.  Engage...that's why you're there.
  • Ask Open Ended Questions - "What brought you to the trade show today?" is a good start.  Then...listen to the answer.  You, or you may know of someone at the show, might just have the solution to their quest.  (Bonus Tip:  Make sure YOU walk the show too and make a note about other businesses that have unique products/services and refer when you can.) When you ask a question that fails to get an answer you've got zero to build on.
  • Have An Approachable Booth - Please stop fencing yourself off from the attendees.  If you must have a table make sure it's tall and only in one corner of the booth space.  Put your phone down.  No eating in the booth...  Want to check messages, sit or have something to eat?  Head to the exhibitor lounge area.  Make sure your booth graphics are crisp and clearly identify who and what you are.
  • Get Information - Find a way to pull information from attendees who stop at your booth and then follow up after the show.  If you're not serious about doing business how can you expect your potential new customer to be serious about what you're selling?

If you would like some additional trade show tips and SEE what I'm talking about.  Here is a post I did last year with video.  Are you getting the most out of your trade show effort?

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